Thursday, October 11, 2007

dear diary: david lynch

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David Lynch
Lynch One is a David Lynch Documentary

about his work. It may never get to indy-anna
but if it gets to Chicago, I'll be there.

I also notice that Inland Empire, a Lynch film
has been released on DVD and is at the top
of my NF cue.

John Sayles also has a new film coming out
in theaters early next year, called
Honey Drippers and was filmed in Georgia.

You sure have to do some sleuthing these
days to find anything of interest.

The following song is from Stoneground,
a local SF group, that had so many
people in it, they all sang and were alot of fun
live. Sal Valentino of the Beau Brummels was
the lead singer early on, before he left.

Stroke Stand - Stoneground - 1971


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I like your post on truth! Very nice....
Hope you are well, sorry for not being along in so long.
Much love and hope you are well,

Anne said...

i definitely enjoyed stoneground in all of it's carnations. lynn hughes was awesome!("passion flower")
another nice s.f. memory...thank you.

Coffee Messiah said...

neo: Thanks for stopping by! ; )

annie: They all sang so nice and was always great to hear so many people able to sing, without the "single" solo.......

Mary said...

The sleuthing makes it that much more enjoyable but it's no wonder everyone is so stupid. The good stuff is hidden.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: Guess we have to get used to that. BTW, we sat through half of this film and, although I can take slow going, er, uh.....I have to admit, it's already in the envelope and on its way back. Weird and photography was his usual best, but nothing to sink away 3 hrs for. Maybe I need to see it in the deep of winter? ; )