Friday, November 02, 2007

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Taradharma said...

oh we didn't have a clue what we were in for, did we? I remember sitting around a little record player like that!

Anonymous said...

I had a young man tell me recently, "CD's are for old people."

I figured mentioning records was pointless.

Bobby said...

I never know if I'm the big eye or the naked guy

Blue said...

hey CM!!
that last picture is a killer...yeah, i definitely feel like that some days (is it 2009 yet??)

i miss my old record player...

Mary said...

Oh I'm definitely the naked one.
Fairlane's comment (as usual) is so funny.

pissed off patricia said...

There was just something so magical about records. You could see them playing but trying to figure out what was happening, as a child, was like trying to see through a magic trick.

Daniel said...

I'd like to put it on the record that being buff and crouching in the desert may invite scorpions to carry out a sting.

Keep a watchful eye! Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

td: Yep, those were better days! ; )

fairlane: What could you do? !

bobby: It's a conundrum sometimes, isn't it? Thanks for popping by.

blue: 2009? Yikes!

mary: No dount, huh?!

pop: Something very tactile about those LPs!

daniel: Maybe we need those scorpions in DC! ; (

Anok said...

The eyeball is creepy.

I like it. *grin*

Good to "see" you, thanks for the great artwork!

Coffee Messiah said...

anok: Creepy indeed, just like our government! ; (

RubyShooZ said...

This is terrifying in it's imagery!!

Thanks, just what I needed to open my eyes today ....pun intended.

Much love today - (divShare wasn't cooperating with me today :( )


Coffee Messiah said...

ruby: Yikes, sorry! I have since deleted most songs, due to lack of interest. Takes some time to upload etc. Plus, not many comment about them.
If there is a song from time to time, the box will say divshare on the right side. If it's missing, no song!
Hope you're doing well!