Thursday, November 29, 2007

the maybe garden

"She has an immaculate garden, my mother." With these words a boy
steps out beyond the neat, quiet and predictable rows
of his mother's garden into fanciful notions of his own plot.
When mother suggests that he begin with the usual avocado
pit that will grow into a tree, her son responds,
"Maybe I will. Maybe I will plant an apple tree and
tie balloons to all the apples so when they are ripe they
will fall softly to the ground." To each of the ensuing expert-to-beginner
recommendations, his imagination answers with gardens
springing from childlike enchantment. In the end, the
expert gains some of the beginner's vision and plans her own
"maybe garden." Burke-Weiner's transparent, unself-conscious text
and Spillman's saturated oil pastel illustrations--though
verging on the garish--appear to grow from a single seed.
This is a universal story of the power of creativity
to infuse serious knowledge with life."
from: Publishers Weekly

(click to enlarge)

In 1995, I was a participant in a collaboration
with 13 other people to put our interpretation
of 2 pages each, of this story together and was
made into a handmade, accordion style book.

Wish I could show you the inside, but
this style of book isn't made to scan.

no longer available


Daniel said...

Nice idea, Coffee. What the world 'maybe' and what it is seems rather sad.

What makes us destroy the wonderful possibilities which exist in the minds of children?

We turn gold into lead so easily.

Coffee Messiah said...

So many possibilities, yet so many are afraid of creative thought. That in itself is mind boggling. Here in the US, being creative in school started taking a back seat when I was in HS and it is worse now sadly.

Mary said...

I what a totally cool idea for a book. I DO wish I could see inside.

There is practically no art in the schools here. There is one art teacher who fights an ongoing battle for it and believes it is the only place for some children to shine. She is a great teacher. I'm afraid my daughter will be behind the others when she reaches art school. I also think when she gets there she will thrive.

mirth said...


I have been hunting for a very special book for a very special 4-year-old, she of the wild and vivid imagination.

This is it!

Much thanks.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: What you think your daughter is behind on, may not be true at all. Once you're in an environment such as this and around nothing but creative people all day, who knows what will surface for her. Besides, why compare? !

mirth: Hope she likes it! ; )

RubyShooZ said...

Ooh, I'd love to see the insides of this book. It's very unfortunate that you can't scan it and show and tell.

How lucky you were to help in the collaberation of this book, it looks like a good one.

Always peace my friend,

~ RS ~

Coffee Messiah said...

ruby: Thanks, it was fun and sadly, I was the only male to participate!

Anonymous said...

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Coffee Messiah said...

wuttisak: Hi and Thanks for stopping by. I will plan to stop by soon. Cheers!

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