Thursday, December 06, 2007

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It was far too cold.

The second I got out I had this incredible headache,

I'm just not used to it.

The last time I saw snow was years and years ago.


This is the remnant of yesterdays snow.
Yesterday it was twice as high as this.

For my friends & family, you know who you are,
that are cold around 50 degrees.

It's now 12. A few hours ago around 5 degrees.


s. douglas said...

Those cold sissies. I used to laugh at them when I lived in Florida.

"Waaah, it's cold."

"It's 50. What are you talking about?"

BAC said...

I was just in Indiana over the weekend and thought I was going to freeze! Makes DC seem like the south! Must be all the hot air here! ha

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when we were in Denver not dressed for the snow, freezing while Dad took a picture of us by a statue of a bear...brrr.
Your house looks beautiful.
I love you Big Bro

earlbo said...

Coffee, it looks like you got some of the same snow that we have in Chicago. Glenda says it was 80 degrees in Austin TX today.

Coffee Messiah said...

fairlane: Anything over 35 feels warm to me here! ; )

bac: And you didn't say hello? ;(

lil sis: It did feel cold then. Not so bad when you're older.

earl: It sure was messy and cold while shoveling.

Daniel said...

While I was living in Edmonton, for six weeks it didn't get above 40 degrees below zero! Now that was cold, Coffee.

Hang in there now and keep your powder dry.


Coffee Messiah said...

daniel: Hey, it's not me complaining, it's everyone I know who keeps telling me they're cold when it gets below 50 degrees! ; )

Blue said...

aaahhhh but that picture is so beautiful!!

Coffee Messiah said...

blue: It's small, but it's a nice home! ; )

enigma4ever said...

I am soooo have my sympathy...take care...

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