Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Diego Rivera

Better than a thousand hollow words

is one word that brings peace.



Anonymous said...

I just saw The Cradle will Rock for the first time a couple weeks ago. It includes the story of the first version of this mural by Diego Rivera. There's a scene in the end, the last shot of what remained of the mural, that makes a powerful statement about capitalism.

Bobby D. said...

I really wish I could see one of Rivera's murals up close. I'm sure it would be an experience.

I can see that Diego Rivera's work would give off a lot of powerful vibes.

I like art that you want to look at, look into, for a good amount of time-- his work seems to invite study and thought.

Coffee Messiah said...

toi:Yep, what a slippery slope it all is! ; ( Thanks for stopping by!

dcb:All the old masters gave of themselves and their thoughts, despite what others may have thought or treated them. Unlike some in todays time. Or maybe the media is simply deciding not to share their work? Either way a loss for us all.

Jilly said...

What an amazing and beautiful mural. And Buddha - right! I know little about Diego Rivera's work - just knew him as married to Frida Kahlo (I've one of her prints on my wall) - but as d.chedwick bryant says - it would be an experience to see this extraordinary mural up close and personal.

Wishing you all the good dreams that come true for 2008, Coffee Messiah.

Coffee Messiah said...

jilly: The masters weren't called that for nothing!

My best to you and yours also and Thanks for popping by!

s. douglas said...

I forgot all about Diego.

Great painting.

Coffee Messiah said...

fairlane: Hey there, nice to see you're still around!

So many great artists. Seems like you really have to search these days to learn and find them, unlike the "old" days when you were taught in school or at least introduced to them there!