Saturday, January 19, 2008

incense and incense burners

This morning, Sunday, it was -20 when we left the house.
Wind chill, that is. This is when we fired the vehicle up.

A pond not far from us "down the road a piece."

The river in Marion, Indiana looking S near Matter Park.

View same site, looking N.

The Bishop was talking to the local

Master of Hounds about the difficulty he

had in keeping his vicars off the incense.

PG Wodehouse


The above incense burner started our
collection and searches in antique stores when
we moved out here. We also enjoyed being around
the town of Wabash, where we later had our coffeehouse.

We found this and much more at Jacks Antiques
which ended up being across the street from our store also.

When you walk through his door, this is what you'd hear:

shaking your hand:
"Hello, what's your name? I'm Jack Francis
and Welcome to the biggest junk pile
in Northern Indiana."

People love that as we did also.

Of course being in the midwest, there's all sorts of
Indian type "stuff" and we've enjoyed the
unusual Indian items we run across.

These 3 use incense cones.

The middle burner of course is not Indian.
We also have many Asian burners.

The 1st two are unmarked.
The Indian with the fire is a Vantine's
and is much sought after. The artist "Ouvel"
evidently used the Indian mold and had a bank
made of the cast also. It too is very hard to find.

AA Vantine's must have been one of the 1st
major importers in the late 1800-1900s.
Although he started out in California, he later
had a few stores in NY City. All products that
we have found, which include clothes are of the
highest quality. Most of the incense burners
were sold for $1.75 in their time.

The incense, if you are lucky enough to find
some still in the tins are also of the highest
quality and smell rather nice, especially
compared to todays incense.

When we had our coffeehouse, during the early
goings, we had sold on ebay. While doing so, we met
a wonderful couple in Florida who mad and sold
their own incense. We made a deal, purchased
quite a bit, made our own labels and had a hit
with it in the store. Young and old would
find the new (to them) incense pleasant.

The Rose cones are also from them.
Sadly, the husband has since died and we
do not know what happened to Nadu.

You also see Frankincense & Myrrh which
has to burn on Charcoal tabs.

A smudge stick and some sage.

Wonderful scents all.

I may revisit this topic at a later date.

incense and peppermints - strawberry alarm clock
no longer available


H said...

That's really cool. I honestly forgot that incense isn't just something that I used to use to cover up the, uh, questionable smells in my room as a teenager, but that it has its own rich history. Thanks!

Cathy said...

I love smudge sticks! I've used them for years instead of toxic "air fresheners" -- which I consider truly nasty, but that's just me.

Your coffeehouse must have been a delightful experience for your patrons.

Mary said...

What an interesting collection. I never would have thought to collect that. I am always interested to see peoples collections. The first one I think, is my favorite.

robin andrea said...

We have burned the same incense for 20 years-- nag champa. It's got a lot of rich sandalwood fragrance. We do smudge with sage, especially when we move into a new place, or when we want to refresh and reinvigorate an old one.

Never thought to collect incense burners, but what a great idea. You've got such a nice collection there.

s. douglas said...

Since you know a lot about incense, can you please tell me what "Pussy Incense" smells like?

I'm afraid to try it, for obvious reasons.

Don't tell me you've never seen it either. It used to be in all the head shops, which is why I'm suspicious.

Bobby D. said...

I love Wodehouse. And these incense burners look magical--especially the first one.

The word Perfume comes from the use of incense--people used to perfume their hair and clothing by walking back and forth through the smoke of the incense. (Per Fume)

Quality incense also makes a good sachet substitute when storing woolens--a little goes a long way, but also, incense doesn't cling once the item is unpacked and aired out.

Coffee Messiah said...

h:It's quite an interesting topic. Like most things, the more you find out, the more interesting it gets.

cm:If you look at the Nov 23 entry, you'll read a bit about our old coffeehouse.

mary: Amazing what people collect, isn't it?

robin: That Champ is also burned here as is another brand that may be out of business, one that makes the Mystic Temple Brand. We found some at Pike Place Mkt earlier this year.

fairlane: Hmmm, I know certain places do sell those "exotic" blens, but those with names like that never appealed so couldn't say for sure. Wise guy! ; )

dcb: Your knowledge off all things scented is amazing! ; )

Cathy said...

I read the 11/23 post. It has to be so incredibly hard to make a coffee house a stable business. I imagine if you're not independently wealthy, it's one headache after another, with some very lovely moments in between.

Unknown said...

I really like incense burners and have quite a few.

Alex and I spent the weekend bundling and capnapping because of the cold.

Naj said...

Messiah, I saw Marclord's new post and couldn't resist thinking of you.

Wishing you a nice winter, and temperatures above -30 C ;)

M said...

When we were teens, my sister and I were always given incense over the holidays. In the later years, I loved visiting curio shops for new blends and scents! Still do, I suppose, just haven't done so lately.

Coffee Messiah said...

cathy: We were the first in this town to embark on the coffee journey. We still run into people who remember us and what we did. Not $$$$ but feels as good!

ssn: What kind of burners do you have?

naj: Nice to see you and will take a look. Thanks for stopping by and the link! Cheers!

m: Like most things, it's hard to find quality incense anymore!

Thanks for stopping by.

RubyShooZ said...

Wow, what great finds and memories! Thanks for the topic. I do hope you revisit the topic - it's a good one. Great great finds! I'm envious.

I agree about the older incense being of better quality. I found some of the old stuff in one of those old log cabin holders that reminded me of my youth. Nice.

Always peace, always love.

Coffee Messiah said...

ruby: Nothing to be envious of, to be sure. We actually have divested a good portion of our burners and kept the ones we really like the most.