Sunday, January 06, 2008

"The Israeli dramatic comedy Cafe Tales
stars Moshe Ivgy, one of the country's most popular actors.
When Leah founded the Braun Cafe in 1959, it became a gathering
place for the leading artists and intellectuals of the day.
Many years later, creative types still frequent it,
but they are all broke and down on their luck.
Seeing an opportunity, a group of developers seek any
and every method available to drive Leah away
and take the property for themselves.
But struggling writer Yutz (Ivgy), realizing the value
of the cafe to the neighborhood, bands the regulars
together to fight the shady real estate developers.
CAFE TALES was nominated for five Israeli Academy Awards in 2003."

We recently saw this film and were pleasantly surprised
at how well the acting, story and production was.
It's worth seeing if you ever watch Foreign Films.

When we moved here from the west coast,
we were hard pressed to find any decent
ethnic eateries near us. The Saigon is in
Ft Wayne on Calhoun St and in a neighborhood
we hear that people do not especially like
to go. For us, the racial mix is what has attracted
us, not to mention the fresh and inexpensive food.
No matter when, or who is in there, people
acknowledge one another if not with a simple
smile and hello, but some sort of casual conversation.

This noodle dish is our favorite and is #5 if
you ever happen to find yourself there.

The condiment to the left is what we put into
our sauce that goes over the dish. Simply,
it adds some kick to the dish and does
a good job of clearing the sinus's.

Of course, the meal is not complete without
a Vietnamese Coffee!

Further down the street is this Asian Grocery.
Where can you go in indy-anna to purchase
Thai Basil, Fresh? A huge bag for $1.00.
Jasmine Tea, and other items well
worth seeking out, and not found anywhere else.
And again, unlike most groceries, people will at
least smile, as most people shopping here
don't seem to speak much English.

everybody's talkin' - fred neil
(for those who do not know,
FN composed this song although
Nilsson and others had the Hit)

no longer available


Bobby D. said...

I'd like to go to the Saigon!

DivaJood said...

Oh, good Vietnamese food. I thought I'd been brought to the promised land the first time I tried it in Chicago. We have a decent place near my office in Torrance, too. Yum.

The film sounds terrific.

Georg said...

Hallo Coffee,

That was very interesting. I did not realize you have people in the middle of the US who cannot speak English.

Are they at least encouraged to learn this and adopt western values or is everybody left to himself??


s. douglas said...

I loves me some Vietnamese food.

But I don't likes me them foreign movies.

This is America, and I speak American. I don't speak foreign.

number06 said...

Hi Coffee !

I just took the time to cross the Atlantic to wish you all the best for this new year 2008. Thanks for all escapes you provided me : pictures, peoples, stories, places, landscapes and of course the smell of your … coffee ! That’s exactly what need a number 6 !!


Coffee Messiah said...

dcb: Let us know when (if) you ever make it to indy-anna! ; )

diva:There were of course many in the SF bay area, and we may have found them all. Out here, this place is a jewel and the owners are very nice and work very hard!

georg: Hi ya! There are areas in every american city that house's certain ethnic people. And yes, there are many who don't speak very good english, but at least they try. Uh, our government doesn't seem to encourage too much at this time, at least that I can see! ; (

fairlane: Hmmmm, OK! ; )

#06: Greetings and Thanks for popping into the Village! My best to you and your son also! ; )

Daniel said...

Now look, Coffee, are you really getting into restaurant reviewing or what? If you are, are you getting any kickbacks, cash for comment or what?

We, your devotees, need to know which side your bread is buttered on. It's only fair.

Peace, my son!

Coffee Messiah said...

daniel:Oops, I thought it was a Movie review!

I wish there were kickbacks, unfortunately, I can't play the game, so no freebies here! ; (

Lastly, I always butter my toast on the bottom. ; )

Unknown said...

I’ve not eaten Vietnamese in years! I must see if the Vietnamese restaurant I used to frequent is still open.

Listening to Everybody's Talkin' of course reminded me of Midnight Cowboy and now I want to see the film again.

BTW, thanks for being on the same wavelength as me: your posts resonate with my soul!

Neil Shakespeare said...

Thanks for the info on 'Everybody's Talkin''. Did not know that. Lots of memories in that song for me. Graduated from H.S. in '69 and saw 'Midnight Cowboy' at a cinema near the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas with a bunch of Green Berets outbound for Vietnam. Half of them didn't come back.

Coffee Messiah said...

ssn: Seems we all have a lot to look back on, both good and bad!

neil: Ha, I was '71! I knew people who were drafted (no one I knew signed up) but alas, do not know if any of them made it back or not. ; (