Thursday, January 24, 2008

A raging tempest, the Tunisian pirates,
and a month of windless doldrums didn't
deter Frenchman Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu
from bringing a single coffee plant from the
garden of Louis XIV to the island of
Martinique in 1723. The tree thrived in
it's new Caribbean setting and soon spread.
The vast majority of the coffee trees in the
Americas today are descendants from that on plant.

The above picture was taken between
9th & 10th & Irving St in San Francisco.

This was my first coffee hangout.
At that time a mother and daughter
owned the store. They later sold to
a Korean couple, who later moved
the store to the entry of Golden Gate Park
at 9th Street. They were next door to a
Health Food Store, across the street was
a great Piroshki shop and once in awhile
I'd see the Kronos Quartet walking to
their studio, which at the time was also
on 9th street.

(PJs Oyster Bar was next door and was
also a great place to sit at the counter,
watch them prepare all the fresh fish dishs.
We'd most always have a large bowl
of Clam Chowder.)

I'm thinking by this time they are no
longer in business. Both owners
purchased perfectly roasted and
fresh beans always.

I never did research this bag but
it was based in Terra Haute, Indiana.

Like most things in life, quality rather than quantity
is one of the great pleasures we can have.

If you've never bought coffee beans freshly roasted
rather than from a pre-packaged bag, which more
than likely was packed months previous,
you simply do not know what you are missing.

no longer available


Self-righteous said...

that's a very funny bit -- who's the comic? It's probably somebody really famous and I wouldn't know because I've been under a rock for the last 4 years.

roger said...

back in the ancient years of the early 70's (the 1970's) i convinced mr. peet to send green coffee beans to me in far northern california (fortuna) where i would roast small batches in an iron skillet, tho i much preferred using a popcorn popper made of wire screen. aaahhhh. what an aroma!!!!

Squirrel said...

I agree with Dennis Leary-- (if that is him) I'm confused by all the frappa latte drinks out there--

What a nice photo collection you must have--I'm impressed. Roger has the right idea. I got so much magery from his paragraph--can smell the coffee beans roasting.

Squirrel said...

Imagery, Roger...sorry! Imagery.

H said...

I once had a job at a gourmet grocery store where I had to roast coffee for customers on site. It was absolutely delicious, but my boss was a total whack job so I had to quit. I missed the discount.

Coffee Messiah said...

sr: I have all sorts of "coffee" related stuff, and unfortunately through the years have lost "track" of who this is. The piece is longer, but this certainly is the gist of it. Thanks for popping by!

roger" Wow, how interesting. And, you knew Peet at the time before Shultz and company changed SB from what Peets had going, to what they are today! Thanks for sharing! And hope you are doing well!

squirrel: No confusion, "it ain't coffee" although people think it is. Grrrr! ; (

h: That must have been cool. And I fully understand missing any coffee discount. After having a store and products (including tea) we miss it all too! ; (

Anonymous said...

The comic is DennisLeary--his 1997 Album--now I hven't had my coffee yet, so i cant recall the name of the album, but it will come to me.

Georg said...

Dear Coffee,

You are the without doubt the most important coffee nostalgic in the Western Hemisphere.

I know a really splendid coffee shop roasting beans at the premises in the nearby city of Brive-La-Gaillarde. I'll send you some pics and I am sure you would like.

It's a glorious place to hang out, drink a king-size Cappucino while looking at the other customers (doing the same).

Cheers, Coffee


Coffee Messiah said...

phd girl: Thanks for stopping by and the clarification. I have been sent over the years many coffee related items, and the music tends to get lost as far as titles and artists.

georg: I wouldn't say important, but appreciate your saying so! ; )

I always look forward to seeing where other people go and hang out. Especially if it's a "coffee worthy" establishment.

Did you get the video I emailed you with the yodeling cowboy?