Sunday, February 03, 2008

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Coffee (Acronym)
Come over for free energy everyday.

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I was thinking about yesterdays events at
a mall in Chicago. There once was a time
that drive-by shootings were the event of the day.
Strange how these cycles of violence change,
but are still the same! ; (

Some mail art friends made this in '95
to reflect that in their area.

raga todi - shankar jaikishain
from: raga jazz style
Thanks Gary!
no longer available


dennis said...

Dennis doesn't know what happened at the mall. Dennis will go and find out. Dennis says hi.

dennis said...

Dennis is back. Dennis saw pictures of the mall-what a mess! Dennis hopes the food court and Applebees were not damaged.

dennis said...

Dennis read about the wrong mall--Dennis read about the explosion. Now Dennis read about the shootings.

Bobby D. said...

Ignore Dennis, he doesn't understand dates and never reads the news.

Anonymous said...

Dennis speaks the truth, Dennis is wise.

It is the same here. Rape and murder used to be national news now I am not sure if it even makes a lot of the locals. Is this the Medici effect or was that the Da Vinci code?

Cathy said...

I like the games -- I was ready to go get some ribbon and a piece of card board and some coffee beans.

I used to live near where the postcard purports to be from. It's an interesting and eclectic neighborhood.

Coffee Messiah said...

dennis: Well, if I'd have known a cat were going to look in, I should have been more explicit about the info. Since I don't watch TV much and saw the headline on the "internets" I figured everyone has heard about it, as the media likes to build these types of stories up. Thanks for dropping by and for your "catty" perspective on the human side of things. And Cheers to your owner(s)!

dcb: Looks like quite a rivalry. Are you two twins?

clarice: Thanks for stopping by. Sad that life takes this kind of road, anywhere in the World! And I'm not sure, it may even be the "butterfly effect" for all I know! ; (

cathy: The game book is quite interesting and speaks for the time period.The booklet is called: After Dinner Tricks And Puzzles with your Seal Brand Coffee.

And the artwork is actually using the "real area" in San Diego. These guys do all sorts of crazy stuff!

Squirrel said...

I've been to Normal seemed pretty passive.
criminals seem to have reached the point of no return.

Bobby D. said...

Dennis is no relation to me whatsoever--we don't look anything alike--he has "wild eyes".

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: I have always tried to stay away from S Ca! These guys also have fun with something called: The Church Of Right Now.

dcb: That's good to know.

Georg said...

Hallo Coffee,

Had a long look at this postcard talking about the drive-by shootings.
Just tell me, this is meant as a kind of joke, right?

By the way, you say Chicago, but on the photo it seems to be San Diego??

The Coffee Acronym is good but free coffee? In case this applied to you in your coffee bar, small wonder you had to quit the premises.

Cheers to you, Coffee, your old postcards are real splendid.


Bob Dylan said...

Will try the game next time I'm on the tour bus.

Coffee Messiah said...

georg: The framed picture is indeed a joke, or rather a put on of the events that occurred at that time all around the USA. Now a days, it's the shootings it seems at Malls. And yes, the "mall incident" was in Chicago over the weekend.

And no, we only gave free stuff to people who may not have had enough money to purchase our coffee, but wanted to try, or friends that we would spot, just 'cause we liked them. We weren't losing money that way! Between the bank & the landlord is where we were getting raped! ; (

Thanks georg for stopping in. I'm still looking for the yodel music!

bd: They sure knew how to have fun with all sorts of things years ago. Now?????

robin andrea said...

The music here is no longer available. Now I'm going to have to search for it.

Read about the shootings. There is nothing to say that hasn't already been said.