Sunday, March 02, 2008


There is no calamity greater than lavish desires.

There is no greater guilt than discontentment.

And there is no greater disaster than greed.

Lao Tzu


Squirrel said...

Nice drawing & quote.

Anne said...

awesome image.
reminded me of "the gods might be crazy"

tony said...

yes banksy is a very clever artist.
wise words.the more we have the less satified we become, i guess

Kurt said...

What a miserable thing life is: you're living in clover, only the clover isn't good enough.

-Bertolt Brecht

Cergie said...

I like this one :

"Ce qui te manque,
cherche le dans ce que tu as"

-Koan Zen -

It may be a great help :
(What you miss, find it in what you have already)

Coffee Messiah, my daughter was living in Berlin during two years, because she was studying there at the university
So I went and visited her three times. It was so wonderful, I went by the train

Bob Dylan said...

Lao Tzu.. very smart quote. Kurt's Brecht is also so very true.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: They do go together well.

annie: The Gods Must Be Crazy, for letting people suffer so, with so much out there! ; (

tony: A quote that rings true for many here in the usa it appears.

kurt: Thanks for that! ; )

cergie: Thanks for that Koan! Yes, Berlin opened me to so much that we do not have or do here in the usa.

bd: Thanks for stopping by!

enigma4ever said...

beautiful ....hmm and no picture of bush.....

Coffee Messiah said...

e4e: You bet, no gw! ; )

Offensive as a mere mention even!

Mary said...

Agreed! That is a great Banksy!

Anonymous said...

let me talk about greed from the point of view of the cast-aside small appliance. When did Americans stop getting appliances repaired? It seems they toss them out before their time, toss them out when they get "too dirty", toss them out when they redecorate and are discontented with the old color/design.

I wonder if we kept all of our castoffs in a pile, how large that pile grow? I saw college students throwing away mini fridges last June because they did not want to have to empty/clean and transport them. So they heaved them into the campus dumpsters.

While these items are not lavish, a pile of items starts to seem so.

Squirrel said...

you know, Coffee, your words on pasteboard cups (not much better than styrofoam ones) really hit me today because a lot of our cafe bakeries don't offer decent cups-- and you're right about the taste. A triple shot is put into a huge paper cup and right away it seems tepid and, I guess it feels blah.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: ; )

phd:I agree and believe it started in the late 70s, early 80s. Must be the Wally Mart mentality. Its cheaper to keep purchasing new ones, whatever they may be, over and over.

Last yr I met a woman who gleefully asked me to guess how long she had her toaster. Since the 50s and it's still working. Seems the young 'uns simply don't know nor want to know quality......just a guess. Of course older folks are doing the same. Its depressing, isn't it? !

squirrel: You're right about the styrofoam cups. I'll never purchase anything from a place that uses those, no matter how much I'm yearning for a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Coffee, you are a true philosopher.

Your words often contain much more than they seem to. Each one must be carefully weighed, reflected upon, allow to mellow before its true worth is revealed.

Bit like coffee grains, really.

Peace to you and your tribe!

Coffee Messiah said...

david: I wish I was. I find it far easier to take in what others before me said, although it feels at times it could be one and the same, if we'd been born in those times and without the distractions we have now.

Cheers back at ya!