Thursday, April 10, 2008

In the early 1900s,
coffee trading in Yemen was conducted
in an open air exchange with buyers and sellers
tapping finger codes into each others palms.
Handkerchiefs covered their hands
to keep the bids secret.

We're off to Chicago for a few days
and hopefully will have a few
interesting photos to share.

Thanks for stopping by and
have a very nice week-end!

So ya know I'm thinking about you:

troubles - adrian belew
words by: prophet omega


tony said...

Have A Nice Weekend Too.
I,d Love to look around Chicago.Ive never seen ,other than changing flights enroute to Boston.........(hey! i had several cups of Chicago Coffee!!!!!)

Coffee Messiah said...

We head to Intelligentsia or Peets while there!

You'll be surprised where I am forcing myself to try this trip! ; (

Oh, and Thanks!

Kurt said...

If you're downtown, be sure to check out the Tiffany ceiling at Marshall Field's.

Frederick said...

Stopped over in O'Hara once, about as much as I know about the windy city.

Blue said...

CM!! I'm jealous of your trip to Chicago!!
Intelligentsia--nice memories of coffee with you there. Maybe one day we'll repeat the experience!

Avid Reader said...

Have a great time!

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: On our 1st trip to Chicago after moving out here, we did a long walk around the loop area and actually did walk into that building. We bought some imported soap too, Maja, which I need to re-supply.

fred: We've been quite a few times since moving here. It's our escape for a few days from relatively
"dry" indy-anna, if U know what I mean.

blue: Yea, it was nice meeting you and the others. BTW, I will be meeting Earl, since Lisa and Bernice will be at a Quilt Show. And yes, we may have to come your way to C U and our friend there, who we haven't seen in well over 4 yrs. ; )

ms. w: Thanks and appreciate your stopping by!

dennis said...

Dennis has never been to Chicago. or anywhere outside NY state, or on an airplane, or in a department store. Dennis is going to file some complaints!

WeezieLou said...

been away for awhile - couldn't get into all the music. i eventually ventured back to both youtube and itunes and i am comstantly listening to something (right now, david lanz).

i've never been to chicago - so, yes, have a great time, come back and tell us abt it!

Unknown said...

When you have a chance, wise coffee one, could possible write something about coffee mixed with chicory. I have an unopened can of “New Orleans Famous Coffee and Chicory” made by a company called French Market. It was given me by a friend from New Orleans who said that once I tasted it I’d drink no other coffee.

Bobby D. said...

I'd like to hear what Coffee Messiah has to say about the French Market Chicory Blend-- a store near us sells it at a bargain price-- I did have it in NOLA several times but always prepared by people who just knew how to do it. Coffee, if you need a "test can" I will ship one to you.

Bobby D. said...


it smells good too! --

Unknown said...

Did you have a good time..looking for pictures CM :)

DivaJood said...

Some time we should coordinate Chicago trips. I will be there next week, for about 10 days, visiting my Beanie.

There are so many great coffee houses in and around Chicago and Evanston - I hope you had a great weekend!

Coffee Messiah said...

dennis: I'm sure NY and your home is pretty good in itself! ; )

weezie: Good to hear from you and hope all is well!

nick: Not sure about the brand. I know it;s usually made from French Roast with Chicory added. Never had it fresh though, sorry.

dcb: I'd want it prepared right also. Sadly, I've never tried any Chicory coffee, except whats in a can at a Vietnamese R!

dusty: Hi and Thanks. Tomorrow I'm thinking. Thanks for popping by. Need to come your way! ; )

diva: Dang, we missed you by a week. BTW, there's a concert by Reilly and Maloney this coming weekend for Tom Dundee! ; )

Next time in advance I'll email you just in case we can make it at the same time! ; )

Hope all is well!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the pictures

Diane Dehler said...

What a cool travelogue. I have never been to Chicago and would love to visit the art museums there some day.

Coffee Messiah said...

damyanti: Thanks, they're up.

p - haiku: SF is still home and the most wonderful city in the world, er, Sausalito anyway.

We didn't get to see the Hopper show but will be going again before it closes.