Monday, May 05, 2008

Children are a great comfort in your old age,

and they help you reach it faster, too.

Lionel Kauffman

Happy Birthday, Pop! ; )

With Love, M & L = indy-anna

I = SF, Ca

S, S & T = Scotts Valley, Ca


dennis said...

Dennis says Happy Birthday!!!!

Kurt said...

Someone loan me some children.

Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

Splendid saying, so true.


robin andrea said...

Great blogging birthday card! Hope the birthday Pop had a wonderful day.

tony said...

Happy Birthday To Dad!

Coffee Messiah said...

Hey, Thanks for your comments.

I'm thinking he's charting the Bermuda Triangle......haven't heard from him, but know he'll appreciate such kindness, when he ever checks back in...... ; )

Bobby D. said...

Happy Birthday !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Bro
We were in SF all day
Nice job. Dad will love it!
Love you, Lil Sis

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Special, better than I could have ever hoped for, offspring, birthdays are a perfect time to enjoy the thought that there are wonderful things in this messed up world.


Squirrel said...

aw, I'm late with the birthday message... your dad is so sweet!

Coffee Messiah said...

dc & squirrel: Thanks for the shout out! ; )