Sunday, June 01, 2008

Coffee is balm,

to the heart and spirit.

Giuseppe Verdi
(1820 - 1869)

Although I would never be coerced into
purchasing anything by a commercial,
I always find it amusing that some people
would rather make a big stink over something
like the scarf in this picture, rather than
"things" within their own community
or country that aren't being done
or going right! ; (

Recently, SB has rolled out this cute little
stir stick, that also helps stop that hot
coffee of theirs from spilling on you.

Sadly, since they are environmentally
watcgful, they have just introduced something
else that uses what little resources we
have left, not to mention adding
to landfills everywhere.

I received this CD yesterday from Larry,
who was my neighbor and friend growing
up in HS. I spent some time with he
and his wife then (Linda). He also took me a
few times to Keystone Korner, a premier
Jazz Club in SF. I was able to see Dexter Gordon
and Leon Thomas. Being underage, and listening
to more R & R, I learned quite a bit about jazz.

My favorite album of his has always been
Blue Balkan, but this one too is quite
excellent. You can read a bit more
about Larry here and also take
a short listen to some of his music
if so inclined.

This past week I also received my 1st introduction
to OPE. I believe I saw Art Garfunkel in this
issue, which was the only thing I saw that scared
me about this interesting little Zine.

If you've a mind to
purchase an issue or 12, please contact
Kurt at this address:
Other People Exist


Bobby D. said...

I never knew Verdi said that! Smart Dude!

That scarf is just a scarf for craps sake. I can't believe the big deal people make over nothings--meanwhile they don't protest against the war. (Shoot the stylist, not the wearer heh-)

Oh the circumcision issue of OPE-- hence the Garfunkel connection! Loved it! Another Classic OPE.

Bob Dylan said...

Like the top photo. nothing like a hot cup o joe when you're in the middle of a war zone. can't even imagine how good it would taste on a cold rainy day at Ypres during the first ww.

dennis said...

Dennis wants to know where he can buy a scarf like the one Ray is wearing--Dennis wants a scarf for his Teddy bear, Jesus, to wear. (Dennis thinks Jesus would look pretty in it) Dennis would look good in that scarf too--black and white are the trendy colors this summer.

Bob Dylan said...

I went off to listen to some of Larry's music--he's excellent. Liked Ow! part one (great title.)

Merle Sneed said...

I agree that people should lay off the unimportant things like scarfs and concentrate on what matters. Like subscribing to Kurt's ezine.

Anonymous said...

The first pic and quote make me wanna cup. The girl makes the scarf. Stirring sticks I've always thought a redundancy (since re-usable spoons exist!). And what's so scary about Art Garfunkel (after reading Chedwick's comment, I may regret asking that) ?

Kurt said...

I like Art Garfunkel. "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" is one of my faves.

I can't believe anyone pays attention to Dunkin Donut ads. I haven't noticed an ad in years.

That OPE issue looks mighty impressive on the big screen. Thanks for the plug!

Coffee Messiah said...

dc: Well, they say Verdi said that. I'm only quoting the quotes. And yes, what a mighty protest eh? ! ; (

And I'm glad you took a listen to Larry. He's still playing flawlessly.

bd:Seems that even muddy coffee was a positive relief, if only for a moment through even the most miserable of times.

dennis: I imagine you would.

merle: Hmmmmmm......

decker: Uh, I'll take the 5th on AG! ; (

kurt: I enjoyed the humor and you did a good job of making faces appear out of nowhere. ; )

dennis said...

Dennis thinks sales of that patterned scarf will go up thanks to rebels like Dennis. Rebels shop too!

Anonymous said...

Eat more toast.

That's all I got.

taco said...

I love to drink coffee. (& also tea)

Kurt never thanked me for promoting his Zine back in March.

taco said...

Art "we walked on frosted fields of juniper and lamplight" Garfunkel --whatever happened to him?

I love toast!

Unknown said...

You’ve got me doing a lot of thinking! Let me rephrase that: remembering and thinking.

I’m remembering the fishing trip with my now deceased friend, Mike, when we followed his family’s traditional way of brewing coffee when they were spending a week at their cabin by the lake. Mike took two five pound cans of coffee and emptied them in this humongous cauldron that hung in the cabin’s huge fire place. Then we carried fresh water from the creek that flowed beside the cabin and emptied into the lake and poured those buckets of water into the cauldron. Mike then built a fire beneath the cauldron, a fire that we kept burning the entire week we were in the cabin. That was some interesting coffee we drank (and drank and drank).

Anonymous said...

Re SSN's comment: Whoa! I've had boiled coffee on camping trips before, but never to that extent! Did you at least filter it through a sock, like we used to do?

Unknown said...

No filtering through socks! This cabin was well stocked: they had a whole lot of cheese cloth. We also added more spring water during the week and (I think) that Mike added some more coffee at some point, too.

Coffee Messiah said...

dennis: Rebels simply are....

fairlane: Don't have a toaster! ; (

taco: I'll apologize for Kurt now.

nick: Sounds like "cowboy coffee!"

decker: Through a sock? Ugh! ; (

DivaJood said...

I rather like the scarf. Kafayyas have been a fashion accessory for years and years and years. I've had one forever. Bought it in Jerusalem when I lived there.

Squirrel said...

I like espresso.

robin andrea said...

As long as we are outraged by a scarf on a TV personality, we don't have to look at what's really wrong in our country, do we? These little tempests merely point attention away from the real bad news. I am ALWAYS amazed that people actually are persuaded by such inanity.

I love the title "other people exist." That's incredibly precise.

Anonymous said...

Open minds see it as a scarf, closed minds see it as a threat. Closed minds are cowardly minds.

tony said...

You Are Right To Worry About the State Of ART........But Larry (although unknow to me B4 ) Seems The Real Deal ! Thanks For The Link.

Coffee Messiah said...

diva: Nothing wrong with the scarf, just the people who have to "see" something that isn't there! ; (

squirrel: No wonder you guys run so fast all over the place.

robin: It's an irony not lost on me. The media is not what it used to be. Stories such as this, should never be reported. Simply not newsworthy.

ruby: Thanks for popping in. Seems to be alot of closed minded people these days, on many levels, sadly.

tony: Glad you liked listening to him.