Thursday, June 12, 2008

Theme Thursday - Bridges

Our towns Covered Bridge,
still standing, sans snow! ; (
(today is supposed to be an
upper 90s day with more humidity)

There is a land of the living

and a land of the dead

and the bridge is love,

the only survival,

the only meaning.

Thornton Wilder

This is in Ballard @(Locks), Seattle, on our
trip last year. I wouldn't mind some
ocean breeze and salt air about now.

Thanks hR9!

This is a "bridge of friendship" from my friend
Greg who recently took a trip and sent this PC.

Can anyone guess where it represents
in the little ol' u s of a?????


phd girl said...

the first bridge with snow looks so refreshing! I don't know what the last image represents.

d. chedwick said...

the postcard might represent someplace in California? A mission?

Kurt said...

Nice covered bridge pic.

The drawing looks like Mission San Something.

DivaJood said...

I like the images Coffee. The North Manchester bridge looks familiar. As for the postcard, I am not sure what it's supposed to be.

dennis said...

Dennis believes in bridges of love.

robin andrea said...

Nice theme, coffee, especially considering Wilder's quote. I don't know what the postcard represents though.

tony said...

(only a wild guess)Would it be somewhere in Texas??

Coffee Messiah said...

phd g: Snow
sounds good
about now! ; )

dc: Nope! ; (

kurt: Nope X2.

diva: There's another bridge but much smaller in town, and not as pretty as a covered bridge.

dennis: Those are the best kind, indeed.

robin: Thanks for popping in.

tony: Nope, have never been and not sure at this point if I'd ever make it there.

BTW, the card does represent a town further East than us in indy-anna. It's a tough one, and I would never have guessed if it weren't written on the back, and told so by hR9.

Ms. Wollstonecraft said...

thornton wilder was so sexy.

Anonymous said...

The postcard is a bit out of the norm for the area. It had a kind of surreal vibe about it which I liked. Can't remember the artist or if it even sez?

David G said...

Australia has no covered bridges that I'm aware of. They're kind of scary as if they might be haunted!

It reminds me of Sleepy Hollow. As a kid that movie terrified me. The headless horseman and all that.

George Bush terrifies me now. And John McCain!


Coffee Messiah said...

ms w: I wonder if he knew?

hR9: Yes, Avery Johnson was the artist. I'll reveal the area later.

And of course, Thanks for the thought and card and it is as you mentioned!

david: They're pretty cool actually and disappearing fast, that is with the help of those who enjoy lighting fires! ; (

Yes, McC is a very scary fella, the same as gw! ; (

Hope all is well you're way.

Frederick said...

I have a few picture of some bridges.

Cathy said...

mmmmm, Seattle, love those locks. I think the postcard is a painting of some civil war ripped town on the east coast.
also love the Thornton Wilder quote. Nice one.

DivaJood said...

Coffee, Tim Russert just died - heart attack while shooting a promo for Meet the Press. He was only 58.

Lib said...

Is the postcard a tomb or graveyard?

New England?

Squirrel said...

Postcard: the cloisters?

Coffee Messiah said...

fred: Thanks, I need to stop by and say hello this weekend. It' been too long and a "belated" Happy Birthday to ya! ; )

cathy: I thought if you came by you'd know this one.

diva: That's the irony in life I do not understand, we can all go in a flash, yet people treat each other with such disregard often times! Sad indeed. I also am thinking of all the bad shit happening in the states the last few years.

War Karma???????

lib: No, but you're in the right direction. Thanks for popping by. I will have to see what U R up to.

squirrel: Nice guess, but no.

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