Sunday, July 06, 2008

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Today was our friend Bernice's Open House.

This was the little spread Lisa laid
out for her guests.

This quilt was made for a friend of Bernices,
who loaned it back to her for the show.
I believe the lady was head of a Quilt Magazine
or something and has taken the quilt
and shown it all around the world.

If you enlarge the picture, you
might see the places its been.

This is the case under the above mentioned quilt.

If you look close, there's a picture of Bernice
on the right hand page.

She calls this one, Catastrophic.

All her work is by hand, no machinery at all.

This is Max, her hubby.
His dog just died, and in the upper
right corner, is one dog amongst
all those cats. I caught him looking at this
quite awhile. He sure misses his dog.

We took Bernice to Chicago in April
and the post has a photo of her and
maybe in Jan we also took her for a day
in Ft Wayne.


Merle Sneed said...

Isn't it nice to have good friends?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

bernice's quilts are fun - catastrophic is a hoot and I like the additions on the classic sunshine and shadow (trip around the world) quilt

sounds as if you are nice friends to help her go out and about and visit different places.

Kurt said...

Beautiful. Great photo of her hubby.

Bobby D. said...

I remember Bernice from the Chicago trip! the quilts look complex-- I'll be back to study them later on.

tony said...

I love the cats! The detail is Sorta like a cuddly,colourful Escher!

dennis said...

Dennis wonders what the white cookies are on the table?

Bernice is a very great artist.

Coffee Messiah said...

merle: Why.....yes.

mouse: She can be a good sport.

kurt: He enjoys his tractors, but really liked that quilt 'cause of his dog being in it.

ched: Thanks for popping in.

tony: It's easy to picture.

dennis: I'm not sure. They were all purchased at a bakery in Ft Wayne. They lay all their goods out, you get a plate and tongs and pick what you want. The quality is very good and inexpensive to boot. Go figure.

Mary said...

I love when you show us Bernice's work. She is something else! Blows me away every time.

dennis said...

Dennis wonders how many cats Bernice has in real life? Dennis would like to live with a dozen cats but his humans have set a number restriction and we are currently full-up.

Coffee Messiah said...

mary: Thanks for stopping by. Actually, there are even more amazing quilts, that aren't being shown.

dennis: One day, I'll remember to bring my camera and get a shot for you. It will be a future post.

Susan Shulman said...

Wonderful Catastrophic!

Coffee Messiah said...

Susan: Thanks for taking a look and leaving a comment.