Saturday, July 12, 2008

The first use of coffee wasn't
as a drink
but as an energy food.
In the 7th century,
the nomadic Oroma people of Ethiopia
mixed fat with crushed coffee and
it into golf ball sized snacks.

Kati, a brew made from steeping roasted
coffee leaves in hot water, and kisher,
straw-colored drink made from
coffee husks, also predate the use
of roasted
coffee beans to make the beverage.
and kisher are still drunk today
on the
Arabian peninsula and in Ethiopia.

Recently I received an unsolicited video from
a fellow blogger about how to make a perfect
cup of coffee. I will not reveal who it is, as they
may wish to remain anonymous.

It was both serious and funny and did enjoy
seeing a Melita once again, especially since
we have not used one since the 80s at least.

When we had our coffeehouse we were amazed
at how many people would come in and bring us
coffee from other stores they had visited, menus etc.

Until now actually, I did not see it as a friendly gesture.
Figured it was more a "maybe you can do what they do"
or "carry what they have" or "name your drinks what
they do." Now I see, that since they'd never been in
a coffee shop of this kind, they were simply sharing the
fact that they had indeed tried it somewhere else
and enjoyed the experience.

I took the video the same way, but then thought,
I'd never met this person so how would they
know if I can or can't make a good cup of coffee.

So Thanks, you know who you are and the
following song is for you. Sadly, it did not
make the cut for the CD you will be receiving
in the mail sometime soon.

Proper Cup Of Coffee
Trout Fishing In America


tony said...

you know, there is a book waiting to be written about coffee in the UK.When i was growing up here in the 50s+60s coffee drinking was a pretty exotic thing! it was unusual then as everybody drank TEA:TEA:TEA.....When you did get coffee it was either poor (eg "Camp Coffee"/ chickory syrup ) or just made wrong (eg added to boiling milk etc)
drinking Coffee was almost anti-British!
Funny how times change.....The majority of Brits these days prefer Coffee to Tea .

Merle Sneed said...

I love coffee, but would never drink it cold, like some do. I enjoy tea, but only when it's over ice, never hot. Go figure.

Kurt said...

I think the blogger was excited by the fact that both you and he/she liked coffee, and he/she wanted to share a funny video he/she made.

robin andrea said...

I stopped drinking coffee many years ago, so all I have is an old Melita filter when coffee-drinking friends come to visit. What do you use to make a cup of coffee?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

coffee as an energy elixer works for me!

only the shadow and the sender knows the motivation behind the vid - however, should they wish to reveal the why, lots of speculating minds will be calmed....

riddle me this....rhymes with gnome and often sweet!

dennis said...

Dennis wants to eat some of those coffee Fat ball snacks.

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: I've wondered about that. Since there are a few books here, but nothing in depth, I thought for sure there'd be more info on your side of the world????

merle: Nothing wrong with that. Thai Iced Coffee is rather tasty, and espresso with a little half/half (breve) over ice is good too. Iced tea is always very nice. You're not as strange as you think.....

kurt: I hope that blogger he/she knows I really, really enjoyed the video a lot and am glad we share the coffee saga. Maybe we'll all meet some day.....

robin: Hmmm, I will in the next month or so do a post on our official drinks. ; ) Hope you and Roger are doing well back in Ca!

mouse: You are a keen observer! ; )

dennis: Yes, I've wondered just what they must taste like myself.

Bobby D. said...

Hello Coffee,
Here's my Sunday Morning Coffee report from an internet cafe nestled deep in the green hills. I'm having some Ethiopian blend, tasty enough, but nothing like my usual espresso. It makes me realizes I have to mix things up more, coffee-wise.

dennis said...

Dennis didnt get any unsolicited video from a blogger who made a good video. Dennis would like one though.

cbb said...

Now THAT was one fun song - puts me in a really "perky" mood and inspires me to head directly to my Tony's Organic Fair-Trade beans post-haste!

I'll bet you're drinking it iced for those dog days out there, though!

Coffee Messiah said...

ched: I never enjoyed Ethiopian, but a French/Italian Roast for the espresso surely can't be beat. Blends and such we savor in the fall, winter and spring. Or, Iced Thai Coffee or Iced Breve during the summer, along with Iced Tea of course. Bet it's nice where you are! ; )

dennis: Maybe the coffee video gods will seek you out......

cbb: That sounds really good. ; )