Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm very fond of this photo.
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Mr President (Have Pity On The Working Man)
Randy Newman 1974

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Ralph J Gleason worked at the SF Chronicle,
writing about all types of music and also wrote
for the early Rolling Stone Magazine, when it
was interesting and the writing very good.

This reads well, even today, after all these years.


tut-tut said...

It sure does read well, and is quite current. Replace "sloganeering" with "sound bite" and we're right here in 2008.

Bobby D. said...

Big Randy Newman fan here, back when he wrote these kinds of songs, especially.

Kurt said...

Randy Newman is always good. Bad Love (1999) was great! And check him out on YouTube:

robin andrea said...

This post sent me off on a Ralph Gleason tangent. Wonderful stuff. Interesting piece on bullshit; these days there's so much of it, it's harder to pick out what isn't.

Gleason was prescient about Willie Brown.

cbb said...

Coffee, what a good reminder about the relentless ironies, injustices, and frustrations of the body politic, no matter what generation. History is a theme and variation on the power of greed across time, on the power of power to corrupt.

Makes me value those who are kind and wise more than ever - thank you, C.

Anne said...

guess what, c.m.? my father went to the 1966 trips festival@ longshoreman's hall with his friend, ralph gleason. to this day, he denies indulging in the kool aid! ;) ha!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

yes great photo.

randy newman's voice is so incredibly this tune,don't know if I knew of it before! ah there's sooooo much1


Bob Dylan said...

I like the song Randy Newman sings about Bruce Springsteen, too.

Coffee Messiah said...

tut-tut: Only the names change it seems! ; (

ched: I never saw him live, but heard him live a few times when he'd play in the studios of KSAN when Tom Donohue was alive.

kurt: Yep, saw that when it came out. He still has it.....

robin:When I worked at a furniture mfg near Candlestick Park, while WB was mayor, he came in and purchased some furniture. I must say, for Gleason to not have seen the results, he was spot on. I miss reading his writings. He was very good.

cbb: We have been taken in by the media of all types and fallen for anything that takes away our individuality. Maybe it'll come back around?????

annie: I wish you'd record your Dad talking about his experiences. I'd surely like to them! And you might want to pass them along to your children to pass along etc, etc.

mouse: It's from the Good Ol' Boys lp.

bd: You know, I believe I'm not familiar with that one. ; (

Michael Bains said...

Peace, Coffee. Thoughtful, energetic peace.

Coffee Messiah said...

mb: Back at ya and hope all is well your way. ; )