Friday, August 08, 2008

Wayne Thiebaud
1920 -

A raging tempest, Tunisian pirates and

a month of windless doldrums didn't

deter Frenchman Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu

from bringing a single coffee plant from the

garden of Louis XIV to the island

of Martinique in 1723. The tree thrived in its

new Caribbean setting and soon spread.

The vast majority of the coffee trees in

the Americas today are

descendants of that one plant


Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

Great post, old chap. I wonder where you find your material.

Those Frenchies, they invented "freedom fries" and bestowed you with coffee. What about giving them a general pardon.


tut-tut said...

This is what I'm trying to achieve in learning to draw; I don't think it's within my grasp.

Kurt said...

Thiebaud taught at my school, and his paintings were hung on campus. I really should have stolen one when I had the chance.

edward said...

Martinique sounds pretty. i think it's the ique part.
just think, a single plant. i had a double espresso today.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I like wayne's whimsical drawings. I would love to make him one a buttermilk pie. I'm sure he would enjoy a slice or two....

Merle Sneed said...

Coffee, I always learn something from you. Thanks.

Michael Bains said...

Lovely little tidbits, Coffee. And a groovin' jam to boot! Always a pleasure!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great shadow play pic on the sidebar!!!

Mark said...

The coffee plant like an idea has the ability to spread and change so very much. Thanks for sharing.

tony said...

Have A Great Weekend Coffee!
I Agree With georg ! Hug A Frenchie Today!

Evening Star said...

I enjoy a nice cup of coffee every day.

Coffee Messiah said...

georg: Quite a history isn't it.

t & t: Keep trying.

kurt: What was he like?

edward: Yes and yes! ; )

mouse: He reads like an interesting teacher.

merle: I don't know about that, but Thanks.

mb: Cheers and glad to see you're still around!

mouse: It doesn't surprise me you caught it. If anyone ever notices anything different showing up, they don't mention it.

mark: Thanks for both the comment and stopping by.

tony: You too!

hugh: I bet it's heavenly! ; )

Kurt said...

He's still alive!

Alas, I never took a class from him.

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: Too bad! ; (