Friday, September 26, 2008

hR9 = but did you like the coffee?


A crash in the coffee market

directly preceded and helped bring about

the 1929 stock market crash.

This book was written in 2001 and can
be found if you look hard enough.

A beautiful story about an organic coffee
farm in the Dominican Republic established
to demonstrate the principles of sustainable living.

If you enjoy coffee, you will enjoy reading
this short book.

Chances With Wolves (blog/radio show)

A few days ago I had a song here called:
The Backbone Of America......

Recently I found that website and started
listening to their Podcasts (Brooklyn, NY).

I've found the program to be short on talk
but an interesting mix of eclectic songs.

Reminds me in in a way of free form radio
in SF in it's hey day back in the 60s - 70s.

If interested and you take a listen and enjoy
what you hear, please leave these young men
a comment on their blog.

I know they'd appreciate it.


I'm Not Down - Thea Gilmore


tut-tut said...

I'll look for the book and give the group a listen. I'm always interested in independent music. Have a great weekend, if you can!

Joanne said...

Some great playlists on the Chances With Wolves blog, including old Lou Reed. Went to a Reed concert this past spring - very amazing.

billie said...

a shortage of coffee in my house leads to a crash here of a different sort :) interesting stuff.

Bobby D. said...

Popped in to say hi, and Kim says hi, we thought of you today--have a great weekend!

bitchlet said...

Today I'm having a happy sort of day. Thank you for the music.

Coffee Messiah said...

t & t: The book is very good. It's a weekly podcast and I enjoy them all.

joanne: I've heard LR has a radio show too, but have not heard it.

betmo: Hey, I know what U mean, same around here.

ched: Hi to you both. We wish we could have made it.

bitchlet: I'm glad to hear that. You're too young not too have good days! ; )

lettuce said...

eclectic songs sounds good, I'll check it out.

i've been meaning to start listening to radio again, i sort of got out of the habit way back.
The 60's and 70's were the era of pirate radio over here - seems kind of funny,looking back. But also very nostalgic

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, baby. I'm hittin' it again right now. Thanks!

Kurt said...

When are you going to start a blog/radio show?

tony said...

Thanks For The Radio Link.Tis Good!
Umm Dominican Republic.......Interesting place.I ,ve been a couple of does not compare favourbly with Castro's Cuba ( at least the Cubans look after the poor.+ you dont see the poverty i saw in DR)So anything that tries to counter -balances that is a good thing.

Coffee Messiah said...

lettuce: It's quite boring here and most people listen to oldies. After a million times, it's a bit much! ; (
I like what these guys put together.

hR9: I wasn't sure, since you never said anything. We plan to try some others this coming winter. Try to expand a little. And Thanks again for the Kona, it was quite a surprise! ; )

kurt: If I had access to as much music as there is out there, believe me, I would in a heartbeat!

tony: Glad you took a listen. Cuba does sound inviting, always has. Too bad all the governments find ways to separate people from each other ; (

LET'S TALK said...

A friend of mines have an independent radio station in Atlanta, Georgia and I visit from time to time. The Station has been there since the late 80's.

Octavian said...

Hello there coffee. I hope you are doing well. I'm happy to report that I have found a wonderful coffee shop called Open Eye in my town. They assuage my addiction almost every day!

Squirrel said...

the coffee pic--looks delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

A crash in the coffee market helped cause the great depression?
That just sounds logical! ;-)

Coffee Messiah said...

lt:It sounds like a good one to be around this long.

octavian: Thanks for stopping by. I've wondered what you've been up to.

squirrel: Sure does! ; )

decker: That's what I read, in a book even.