Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Remember America

Stars and Stripes - April 1964

Agatha Christie's first stage play was titled

Black Coffee.

It featured Hercule Poirot and debuted in

London's Embassy Theater in 1930

to decent reviews.

Thanks to Stan @ These Things Too
for sharing this moving poem
written in 1938 by

Langston Hughes.

Which in turn, reminded me of this
song by the late, great
John Stewart:

I Remember America


Merle Sneed said...

Isn't it funny that our recollection of the good old days omits the bad?

tony said...

I Love John Stewart.Thank You.I,ve found 5 old Fortean copies (so Far) 'will post on Monday.Have A Great Weekend.

Kurt said...

I recently reheard his hit song "Gold." It's a good one.

robin andrea said...

That's quite a piece of haunting music.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

fantastic poem - no mention of joe the plumber though!


langston hughes went to h.s. in cleveland so he's considered a 'local hero' by many (including myself)


R.L. Bourges said...

My favorite lines in the poem are:

"O, let America be America again--
The land that never has been yet--"

lots of work still to get there, yes? I agree with merle sneed - it's easy to forget how bad things were for some in the good old days. They always do seem better in retrospect.


N said...

oooh i remember reading that book. god i miss Agatha Christie. reminds me of being a kid again ..her books do.

Anil P said...

Put distance between events and even the bad appears seemingly amusing if not outright good :)

That's some piece of news indeed.

I miss reading Agatha Christie.

tony said...

Hey, I posted them yesterday.but really no rush about returning them.Read & enjoy+give them a good Home! Regards Tony.

Squirrel said...

I agree with Merle-- I love where I live and yet the town elders are always telling me it was way way way way way better here in the 1950s. Sheesh! One told me prices were better! Well, yeah!

Anil is right--and I miss reading Agatha too. Black Coffee --I'm going to look for that play.

Coffee Messiah said...

merle: Ya can't have one without the other and both are remembered. Of course, good always is better to remember, rather than bad, and more positive too. ; )

tony: We're looking forward to them and Thanks once again. ; )

kurt: My favorite album by him was Punch The Big Guy, one of his best!

robin: Thanks for stopping by and greetings as always to Roger too.

kimy: I didn't know that. Would have liked to have heard him speak in person. Something you would not forget I am sure.

Joe who? ; ( Sarah who? ; (

rlb: Of course, new history is made if you can learn from the bad stuff of old. But to remember the good, is always good and life was simpler, and I'll admit a bit backwards, but fun too. Seems more than today is all I'm saying and cheaper ; )

n: I'm surprised to learn you've read her! ; )

anil p: Maybe so, depends on the events of course.

tony: Very cool and Thanks. Will let you know when they arrive.

squirrel: Nice to see you out and about! ; )