Monday, November 03, 2008


If you do not change direction,

you may end up where you are going.



mouse (aka kimy) said...

happy to see you honoring studs, thanks.

just heard obama's grandmother died, such a shame she died on the eve of his historic victory!!! I will not let doubt enter my brain....

Colette Amelia said...

Ahhh for someone who walked around lost in Vancouver for one hour with a map and a GPS and lived...going off course is not the end of the world and sometimes you learn a thing or two on the trip...

I now know where the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the Costco is in down town Vancouver. I did finally make it to the appointment only 1/2 hour late.

yes sometimes a change is good, and I am sure hoping for a change in your leadership to one of hope and inclusion good luck!

lettuce said...

oh hello! you're back

great picture
thinking of you all over there today, too early to be much point turning on the TV yet, but i'll be rushing back from work this afternoon...

Crushed said...

Stunning image.

Very vibrant and somehow hopeful.

Coffee Messiah said...

kimy: All I can think of is how gw was elected 2x.....that still boggles my mind! ; (

colette: Glad to hear you're settling in. ; )
Thanks, and yes, diversity and inclusion is good. Something many of us believe, unfortunately those who wish to keep taking our money away from us and making the rich richer don't. Hopefully the tide will turn.

lettuce:I just saw the 1st area to vote in NH went 4 Obama ; )

crushed: Keyword: Hopeful ; ) and Thanks 4 stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Dali

Kurt said...

I just realized that I have not prepared myself for the possibility of him losing.

R.L. Bourges said...

Usually, I don't even care for Dali and I like this.

One-way ride anyway, so might as well stay focused on it!

We're all in countdown mode over on this side of the ocean, cm. Starting to tune into the news just about now. No matter what else gets thrown into the mix, the key on this one is going to be turnout.

Best to you all (and to us too, by the same token)

tony said...

Hey! Send me your address again (I spilt beer on your evelope& it kinda dissolved!) + i will send you a few back copies of Fortean Times .I dont get it every month but a have a few copies.

Anonymous said...

Let the Mystery Move You

Anonymous said...

Oh what a night. It has been great to watch this historical event take place with Troy.
Very cool indeed!
I love you Big Bro

bitchlet said...



R.L. Bourges said...

There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama!

Hurray and hurrah!

Best to you all.

Coffee Messiah said...

hR9: ; )

kurt: Hope you didn't prepare too much.

rlb: Having moved from a so called "blue state" to a "red" one here, I'm oh so glad we all pulled a win 4 him here too.

You'd be amazed what people have said once the election was called. Some will never be open to others, sadly.

tony: Hey, much Thanks and look forward to them. Cheers! ; )

jh: We're moved! ; ) Thanks 4 popping by.

shar: An amazing speech and one to embrace and move foreward. Haven't heard this since I was little and Kennedy said such things.

bitchlet: A sigh of relief, as the alternate would have been quite scary.

rlb: Here's to wiping away the sad history of gwb.....; )

Unknown said...

Just popping in to say Congratulations! And thanks to you and all Americans for voting for change!

PS love Dali!

Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

Splendid Dali picture. How did you do to find it, never seen that one before.

The Chinese proverb is suitable right now. Good look for the next 4 years. Won't be easy.


Squirrel said...

Hello Coffee (Who Lives in a BLUE state!!!) I had my eye on Indiana all night--

Joanne said...

It'll be nice to start moving forward now.

Coffee Messiah said...

vanilla: We hope so too.

georg: Hello and yes, we hope the tide will turn, even just a little. The sooner the last 8 yrs get behind us, the better.

squirrel: Howdy! I believe, all through the country, once the old guard passes along, tolerance will get a little easier for those who simply do not know any better. Besides, although I hear it everyday here, who wants to stay the same and think the same all the time? Ugh. ; (

joanne: Oh yes, thinking forward sounds real good after the last 8 yrs.