Saturday, November 15, 2008

In 1737, New York's Merchant Coffee House

opened its doors, becoming an important center

for the Chamber Of Commerce. It is believed to

be the first establishment to register and record

the arrival of new citizens coming to the

New America.


lettuce said...

who knew there was so much history to (in?) coffee?

well, clearly you did! i learn so much here

tut-tut said...

More Ken Nordine; soothing, and yet . . .

Squirrel said...

Cool post. The importance of coffee (I always drink my coffee here at your blog)

have you ever been a member of a coffee klatch?

R.L. Bourges said...

beep - the time now is...


where?, of course.



tony said...

Have Yourself A Fine Weekend Mr.Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Whenever we change the time for Daylight Saving, it reminds me of songs by the Chamber Bros and Chicago.
Cute story although it would annoy me with all those clocks.
Off to make my coffee now and then paint the inside of the house.
I love you Big Bro and Miss you too!

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

Undoubtedly I have a lot to learn 'bout coffee. You keep pouring and I'll keep taking it in.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I wonder if there was a special new citizen blend?

have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

I love the clip! ;-)

And as for the coffee house - how very civilized!

Anonymous said...

Seems a very appropriate place for that. "Welcome to America. Here, have a cup!" But that was back in the days when immigrants were welcome, huh?

Loved the Nordine. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Coffee, could it be that the coffee they served way back then had something in it that predisposed immigrants towards war and violence?

Has any research been done on this? Could the American psyche (present company excepted) be overly stimulated by coffee, you know, continuously hyped up?


Coffee Messiah said...

lettuce: We need to do too also, but I enjoy coffee more.......we'll see what we can do.

t & t: This was an early one of his.

squirrel: Guess the only organized "klatch" would have been when we had our store. ; )

rlb: Beep: Thanks! ; )

tony: U 2! ; )

shar: Miss ya'll too and am sorry we can't afford to come out for Shanebos wedding. ; (

sim: Hey, Thanks for coming back! ; )

kimy: We need a Citi-Zen Blend! ; )

absolute v: Those were the days, at least reading about it on paper.
People do not tend to get together as much as those in European countries, at least we in the usa, sadly. ; (

decker: Oh, seems immigrants were indeed looked down on then also, unless of course they were used for the dirty work. Uh, some things don't change, do they.

david g: That might be the problem, they're drinking "Kool Aid" instead of coffee ; (

Cheers to you all too! ; )