Saturday, January 24, 2009

every day people

Ethiopia was the first known birthplace

of coffee. Coffee was eaten by Ethiopian

tribes as a solid energy food. The beans

from the red berry tree were crushed,

combined with animal fat, then chewed

as a source of energy.

Have you seen this documentary?
It's been on our list for awhile and
finally saw it last evening.

The Lost Boys of the Sudan,
their journey away from the
killing of their families and friends
and their coming to the USA and
what their feelings are after
acclimating to our lifestyle.

God Grew Tired Of Us

To digress, a few days ago when
going out of town, we saw a local
truck, not once, but twice driving by.
No big deal, except they had 2 confederate
flags flying on the back of their truck.

Some things will never change ; (


Reya Mellicker said...

Different strokes, for different folks. Oh yeah! I jumped and started dancing around to the song. Thanks for that.

Everything changes, just some things take longer than we impatient humans think they should.

As for the confederate flag, that can mean a lot of things, not just the thing we associate it with. Different strokes for different folks!!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for head's up on god grew tired of on my list.

my ma and I just went to see 'the reader' wow....lots of grist for the mill with that one.... and deserving of the oscar nods.

Unknown said...

Yep, that happens here too, there are always die hards.

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

Hi--I just posted a comment at your MLK-Day entry.
Love your Blog, would like your permission to add to my list of LInks.
Have a beautiful weekend.
And sorry you had to see Confederate flags flying. Remember those symbols truly have NO POWER, anymore.Not unless we give them power!
Peace, man.

Reya Mellicker said...

I was thinking about you today. Went to a new neighborhood cafe everyone has been raving about. They were not kidding. It was the very best latte I've ever had. Ever. Better than Peets in SF. Better than Rome, better than Paris. I am not kidding.

And this cafe is in my neighborhood. Clearly I'm going to have to rethink my new habit of drinking only tea.

Merle Sneed said...

The ignorance required to fly the confederate flag is breath-taking. I would call it hate, but I think stupidity is closer to the truth.

e said...

The music you put on this Blog is awesome! Even my cats were dancing around on this one...

As for the confederate flag, not something I would fly, and I generally avoid those who do because to them it means something I consider bigoted. There are other ways to positively pay homage to one's southern roots.

I saw an interview with one of the people in the documentary you mention and it was astounding. The movie is on my list. Thanks for the reminder.

Coffee Messiah said...

reya: Of course, but seeing these guys out and about for 2 yrs, not to mention their stickers, well, it's exactly what you don't want to see, unfortunately.
If you ever get some shots in and around that shop, email me a couple if you ever get a chance. I've been thinking of asking that on the blog anyway.....Sounds good then. Remember, moderation in everything
; )

kimy: It's been awhile since we've been to a movie.

absolute: They're everywhere and I wonder how they can continue to be so daft about everything ; (

lisa-a: Thanks for stopping by and it's really no problem ; )
Thanks for your comment too!

merle: It's stupidity in this case 4 sure ; (

e: When you see the film, the end result and how they deal and see our lifestyle, makes you wonder why "simplicity" in our lives disappeared and why do we still cling to what we do, when many people around the world have so little, but enjoy life and others more?????

tony said...

Well ! At Least It Has A Context.I have seen Confederate
flags in England sometimes! What's THAT all about!!!!!

Dot-Com said...

Awww, sorry you had to see those flags!

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

Being one born and raised in the South I could easily be offended by your last comment and know many that would be. However, despite the meaning that is given to it because of its connections to a violent past, that flag means nothing to me except being a symbol of my Southern roots.

I could take you for a leisurely drive today, with little planning on my part, and show you a few places where the confederate flag is proudly flapping in the wind like an angry cannon ball, and the mentality behind it is one that never will change, no matter what. But that is the exception, the hard core segregationists, who are flying their colors just like a street gang in a large city.

But what we have to remember is that there are many people whose racial views are almost as deep and who would never fly a flag but who silently identify with the same ideologies. North, South, East and West ... it doesn't take much to see it is everywhere.

A comparable view of this would be those that get angry whenever others express their love of God and are deeply committed to their religious beliefs. Then the deep seated anger of another group will rear its head just as quickly and show its segregationist views, only in a different way.

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: Not sure I follow any of the "flag" things people do ; (

dot com: It doesn't bother me, it's for the reasons they do it that is a bother.

simstone: Hey, I most humbly apologize. I'd never want to offend anyone myself. These 2 are racist to the core and sadly before and after the election, local radio (which is piped into where I work, ugh!) did nothing but inspire these racist feelings and thoughts to rear their ugly heads again, just when you thought they may disappear even just a little. As I've said before, I do not understand the whole "flag" concept, no matter who or what country is doing it, since actions in treatment speak volumes more. And I agree, there are those who do so for other reasons. It's just the racist ideas in flying that are disturbing. Especially when younger people don't know the reasons and may follow blindly, that's all ; )

Avid Reader said...

I drove to visit relatives once, and when I started being passed on the road by cars with confed flag stickers, and pick ups with gun racks and confed flag stickers I knew i had passed out of my comfort zone and was heading into the great abyss. (abysmal abyss in this case) and it only took 2 hours of driving for it to begin. a few hours beyond the first confed flag sighting, there were swastika graffiti sightings. When i reached my cousin's red state, she accidently made an enemy in a parking lot and we were threatened by a couple -- who let us know they had a handgun with them, so we'd better move our car. (Move it we did, we moved it many miles away!)

Avid Reader said...

On a bright note: I love Imogene Cunningham.

Anonymous said...

When I notice Confederate Flag bumper stickers on vehicles, they are often with other stickers that have mean messages. This is up north, and I know of people born in Michigan and Montana who embrace that flag for the wrong reasons--not pride of place.

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

No apology needed my man and no offense was taken. I understood exactly what you meant ... but there are many that would have and did read it wrongly.

Once had a friend from Montana that could not grasp the racial problems going on in the South but would turn right around and angrily lambaste a certain race in his region for their supposed laziness and worthlessness, as he seen it.

That topic can get crazy ... and dangerous, yes?

Kristy Michelle said...

why can't people celebrate the South without the stars and bars?

Coffee Messiah said...

avid: When I moved out here I couldn't believe the amount of vehicles with rifles showing. Unheard of in Ca, at least in the bay area.

anon: That's just it, it's usually something demeaning ; (

simstone: Oh, I know, I didn't want anyone to think we were ethernet feuding ; )

km: Of course, what you and say and do speaks volumes. Beliefs are one thing, attempting to shove them down others throats is a bit too much in my estimation.
Thanks for stopping by!

Squirrel said...

Well, I like our flag, the one that's for the entire country, North and South and East and West. I've been shopping around for one ... one that is made in the USA !

♥ Braja said...

Now I feel like a coffee ):)

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: Hope you find one. I keep thinking nothing is made in the states anymore ; (

braja: Thanks for stopping by!