Monday, February 02, 2009

4th annual bloggers silent poetry reading

If Any Would For Me Build A True Bier

If any would for me build a true bier
Bring my dumb ashes to a pleasant spot
And scatter them without despairing tear
About a young oak.
So by time forgot
I shall be joyous in the strong oaks veins
And laugh from out his leaves to the blue sky
Rejoice in summer sun and winter rains

And knew perhaps a gentler ecstasy

Than this life gives. Birds frolic in the boughs
And breezes play.
And so seasons pass.

Lovers I know will come to kiss their vows

And lie awhile upon the whispering grass.

And then some who knew me may come here to give
A petal of the heart while yet to live.

Charles Erskine Scott Wood

I first came into contact with one of
CES Woods books in the early 1980s
with Heavenly Discourse.

He was an incredible writer, artist
and, if you click on his name, you'll
see a few other things he had done
in his life.

The following is a spoken word by
John Trudell - Grafitti Man


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful poem, C.M. It reminds me of when my Grandmother passed on. Her ashes were spread over the Catskill Mountains in New York. My Uncle was the only one who new just where she wanted to be and so was the bearer( via airplane ). It is sad in that I was not present.

Coffee Messiah said...

No matter, I'm sure you were there in spirit, and that's enough ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm the only one that she told she was "coming home". I also sensed her passing. I can't explain it. It's nice to think that when I visit( in the Catskills ),that she'll always be there. This is painful.

On a better note( maybe ), I've posted some Chaucer. One of my favourites.

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful, beautiful poem.

Maybe you will have a few coffee beans mixed in with your ashes? ;^)

Squirrel said...

I never came across this poem before--very good reading. Yes, I picture a memorial for you, with an espresso cup and saucer carved on it.

I esp like the lines ... and laugh from out his leaves to the blue sky... Rejoice in summer sun and winter rains.

Squirrel said...

But you won;t be needing that memorial for many decades yet ;)

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah! Fabulous.

I, too, look forward to pushing up daisies or oaks or whatever. Rejoining the circle of life.

Here's one for you, C.M.


Death comes to me again, a girl
in a cotton slip, barefoot, giggling.
It's not so terrible she tells me,
not like you think, all darkness
and silence. There are windchimes
and the smell of lemons, some days
it rains, but more often the air is dry and sweet.
I sit beneath the staircase built from hair and bone and listen
to the voices of the living.
I like it, she says, shaking the dust from her hair,
especially when they fight, and when they sing.

--Dorianne Laux

Unknown said...

What a beautiful poem, CM - I love the sentiment! I must remember it next time I'm out tree hugging!

R.L. Bourges said...

Sounds like quite a gentleman. What a life he had!

tut-tut said...

Thanks for introducing me to him, CM!

And thanks, Reya, for the poem here.

Kurt said...

What makes it a silent poetry reading?

Merle Sneed said...

Life is much freer when we can let go our worry about the next life and learn to live this one.

Coffee Messiah said...

subtorp77: Saw it this morning and having never read Chaucer ; ( will have to add to my list.

willow: That's a most excellent idea!

squirrel: Thanks for that, although I'd like to go the same way I came in, quietly and unobtrusive ; )
Thanks for the sentiment ; )

reya: Thanks and Thanks for the poem, most excellent ; )

absolute: The ashes to ashes does make sense in this way, rather than a box underground ; )

rlb: He was living in our immediate area prior to my birth by a few years. ; )

t & t: He seemed to be quite a guy, to be sure and for the little guy too ; )

kurt: I'm not reading it to you ; )

merle: That's what I don't get, if you can't do positive things here, well, I'll leave it at that.

KittyAnn said...

This poem has touched my wooden heart, for you see I LOVE trees. One of my fav quotes to do with trees is on my quotes blog:

Look on Thurs 01/29 titled: Not that I want to be a God or a hero.....

e said...

Fabulous poem and comments, he and Ms. Laux really put a positive spin on the circle of life. I will think of his poem when I admire a tree from now on.

CocoDivaDog said...

Good evening Coffee,
Sorry, I am not a fan of poetry. But as a junior high school librarian, I am always impressed with the PASSION my students have for poetry. Come to think of it, I need to buy more books in the 811 range.
Thanks for stopping by Auntie's slide show. Egypt was fantastic. But I was even more thrilled by India.
See you Thursday with a statue of something.

Anonymous said...

C.M.-check out the Gutenberg Project( see link on my blog ). You may find some things you've been looking for. Or pehaps not. Don't worry about not having read Chaucer, though. His work is a study unto itself. "See" you Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Coffee, how come all the sadness and talk about death? You're not sick, are you?

Coffee, you can't just go and leave me holding the baby! It's not right. You're my inspiration and you're still my pick for President.

Take care, friend, and keep spreading your goodwill.

Proles like me need it!

Coffee Messiah said...

ani: Thanks for stopping by and I will take a look!

e: Thanks and it's always good to see life like this I believe ; )

auntie: That's OK....hope to see your India files then.

subtorp77: I noticed the links you had and figured I'd check them out on a weekend. I did know about the Gutenberg project though.

david g: Howdy, you know me, still feisty, but trying to be more positive although, well, we have a little break from the gw years and will take awhile to get the stench out ; (


Avid Reader said...

Kurt may have read the poem out loud.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I must have been living in a log I don't think I have run across this poet before....when I first glanced at the photo I though whitman, but soon realized no, not whitman. but they do share a look....perhaps there was a certain fashion among 19th century male poets...har har....fascinating individual -

coincidentally, I was just reading about chief joseph at the library earlier today

Coffee Messiah said...

avid: There's a good chance.

kimy:After I read the book mentioned, I hadn't read anything else of his until last year. He could do it all and was a man of the people. ; )

Anonymous said...

A very relaxing poem. Good one.

Coffee Messiah said...

ad: Hi ya and Thanks for taking a look C! ; )

Susan English Mason said...

This reminds me of a very dear friend who passed on. We buried his ashes at our land up in northern arizona and made a structure out of rocks over top of that looks like a sculpture. I can go and sit there and I look at the view and I know that Joe would love the scenery and the animals that probably sit on his little stoop.

Coffee Messiah said...

pout: Thanks for stopping by and what a great idea ; )