Sunday, February 22, 2009

the giving tree

Suave molecules of Mocha

stir up your blood

the organ of thought receives

from it a feeling of sympathy.

Prince Talleyrand


Hello again. I saw in the comments in
the previous post, that someone has
taken to putting some (all) posts from
some bloggers on their Wordpress page
and mine is one. Thanks for letting me know
and have done what I can from my end.

Chicago did not receive the 8 inches of
snow they were preparing for, which made
getting around easier than we anticipated.
Although cold, it's always great to see so
many people always braving the elements
and walking. A few things quickly:

Plenty of Chicago is dead. Empty stores
everywhere and many stories of closings,
and many more to come.

Coffee Fest was interesting and found
2 new products we would surely purchase
if we were still in the busy-ness.
More about all that later.

I'm going to lay low until I see what
comes of the party using blogger posts
from other people.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this:


Squirrel said...

Suave molecules of mocha --oh yes... my mind receives enlightenment !

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your time in Chicago. I actually gave that book to a friend of mine. It is one of my all time favorites.
I love you Big Bro-

N said...

you mean someone is using ur content for their own blog?!?

i love this guy's work. His poems are amazing. used to use a lot of these with the kids, specially the giving tree. its so simple yet brings the message across so strong.

Avid Reader said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Avid Reader said...

Sad to hear about Chicago. I heard today that 75% of one mall in our area is dead, and 40 stores have closed since January 1st in another area mall. I don't go to malls but once or twice a year, but it was bad news anyway. Local shop people are starting to tell me what their rents are and how they can't afford them if business doesn't pick up in the next 12 months or so.
I don't want to see more empty storefronts, but it looks gloomy. New businesses keep popping up, so people do have hope it seems.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: It's a great quote, isn't it?

sis: Thanks, and Love U 2! ; )

n:He understood the "seeing life through the eyes of a child" part of life well.
And yes, although there are links to original content, they just take and put on their blog. Weird. So far have heard nothing and figure I wont.

ar: As we drove west to east, so many areas we drove through were nearly empty, compared to other times in that town. And one area we go to a lot, N of Lincoln Park, blocks of empty buildings. It was eerie.
At the hotel, we were told many business's had to close and many will be be.
Ugh....... ; (

dennis said...

Dennis thinks The Giving Tree is sad.... identifies with both the tree and the boy. Likes the sad harmonica music.

Anonymous said...

Coffee in the breakroom.
Apparently a co-worker has started or taken over a coffee shop with breakfast and lunch items. She was talking to someone about how much better light coffee was than the dark. She said that a woman came in and actually had the nerve to ask if her decaf was chemically made decaf. She was saying that she could not believe the weird questions coffee people ask. Isn't is weird-er that a coffee person thinks it is weird?
Happy coffee day to you and thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah i had some molecules this morning

tut-tut said...

Coopting your blog? How so??

An interesting quote, so waftingly coffeeish.

We are all in a terrible predicament, but the Rep. don't seem to want to admit it or offer help.

by the way, your blog just popped up on my reader, but it seems to hve been published yesterday. hmm.

California Girl said...

your blog just popped up on my Reader too.

keep us apprised of the blog thief. we could all go there and leave weird messages.

"The Giving Tree" is a favorite of my boys. I've kept the children's books because they are timeless and will be passed down. I believe we have three of Mr. Silverstein's. They are used in elementary school, as I recall.

Anonymous said...

Hi C.M. I also just had your blog pop up about an hour ago. To catch a thief.

Big Shel Silverstein fan. Another who passed on ahead of his time. Thanks for this one, C.M. Part of the Giving Tree reminds me of what I wrote yesterday for TT. You'll see it then.

R.L. Bourges said...

Great visual

Talleyrand also said of coffee it was "black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and as sweet as love" (guess he put sugar in his) :-)

sad news about Chicago, cm but curious to hear about the two interesting products.

a blog made up of other people's blogs? wow, now that's finding creative ways to get away with laziness, isn't it?

shel and the tree. I'm sitting here goofing off today "thanks to" a strong fever. Found it very affecting and thought some of your readers might enjoy checking out Shel Silverstein's website here:

best and welcome back, cm.

Butternut Squash said...


I think I will go read "Ickle me Pickle me Tickle me too."

Kurt said...

If it's a word for word copy of your blog, its probably a bot, not a human. They copy content just to fill space on a blog.

Delwyn said...

Thank you for the Giving Tree - I had never read (seen) it before.

KittyAnn said...

Love The Giving Tree and trees in general, they are beautiful beings. Best, Ani (sorry to read of the thieves recently)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Coffee, you're back! I've been out-of-sorts since you left, kinda moody, a bit tearful.

But I'm all smiles again now. You're back and Obama made his speech and people stood up and sat down like they were on springs, like they were marionettes!

Is Obama a marionette?

tony said...

Welcome Back. Chicago ......ummm, Ive never been other than fly in&out of O,Hare......I,d love to see some Jazz & Blues.They still do that i guess?

Anonymous said...

when I had a real blog I found exact copies of the first few months of it out there. Maybe it's still out there. partly in triplicate.

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks to ya'll for checking in.

I have received an email from the party.

Guess I'll see how long it takes for him to stop.


Anonymous said...

C.M. surprised the party in question contacted you. Please keep us updated...

Megan said...

Hello CM! Glad you are back safely. Any spring in the air there yet?

How odd about the blog stealer. I don't understand that at all.

I have a CD with some Shel on it. I wonder where I got that from?


C U for T T?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

last time I was in chi-town it seemed as if it was building going up everywhere!

how odd to think that you saw so much emptiness .....

nice to hear that coffee fest had so interesting and intriguing new things to experience.

i don't get this blog stealing at all.....

Coffee Messiah said...

subT77: Me too, but he did.

megan: Its warmed up enough the snow is now gone. Rain and cool temps to return in a day or 2. No TT this week ; (

kimy: Chicago is another one of the larger towns hit hard by what's going on throughout the country. I hate to see what SF is looking like these days.
It seems to take the feed of your blog, but also has lots of ads, which when you click on any of the blogs, he makes some kind of $$$.

Candie said...

Went to see that,unbelievable.
What will happen now?Any news?

? said...

your blog is unique

Coffee Messiah said...

candi: Don't go, and we'll see I guess.

funk: Thanks for stopping by!