Sunday, March 22, 2009

chicago, part one

See the cut out? Someones name is gone ; (

Art Institute
to see the Becoming Edvard Munch exhibit

Gaugain anyone? There was a beautiful vase
by Gaugain too......

Cobra chair and pretty cool

Hot Dougs , world famous

This was the line where we started about 3:20
or so, Saturday afternoon.

Inside menu board

After Dougs, we went to a bakery that makes
fresh, hand made cannolis, but she was out.
Next door to that was a shop that had olive oils,
balsamics, etc, etc. And next door to that was
this chocolate store, with espresso bean
dark or milk chocolate. We have not tried
them yet, but will soon.

We started around 2:3o Sat, meeting some
old friends from SF who have a rubber
stamp store now in Chicago. We have been
trying to meet up for years and finally made it.

I believe we finally got through the door at Dougs,
somewhere around 5-5:30. He closes at 4:30 on
Saturdays, but cuts the line off at 4:30. It was worth
the wait. We tried the fries cooked in Duck Grease
and I tried the Elk Sausage. Alligator was on the
menu too, but I was afraid I'd snap if I tried it.

We ended the evening having coffee at Metropolis
Coffee, which we had never tried before. Do I need
to mention we went there Sunday on our way
out of town, yes we did.

I have some short videos that we took
with Picasso and Darlene and will post them
later in the week.


Squirrel said...

GREAT pics of Chicago!!! Love the Gauguin Cabinet, I love cabinets... HoT Dougs is a hoot!! Reminds me of the old Gary Larson cartoon--"Beware of Doug"

Dakota Bear said...

Chicago, nice group of pictures. I really like the one of chocolates.

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your trip! That is a very cool chair, all right.

The hot dog line reminds me of Pink's...I don't think Pink's has alligator, though! :)

Joanne said...

Nice to see the artwork beyond the museum, too! Great Americana going on there.

Anonymous said...

Great pics C.M.! Hot Doug's looks like a great place to get some serious eats. That's one big order! And Stella's Diner; the big fist? Looks a little intimidating. Looking forward to part 2. Thanks for sharing your trip :)

R.L. Bourges said...

Great artwork - both at the Museum and elsewhere. Stella's Diner packs a big punch, doesn't it? I'd forgotten about American portion sizes. The hot dog and fries look big enough for a family of four !
Loved the 'Magrittes' - very clever. And the way the coffee was poured - artful.

Thanks for the visit, cm.

tony said...

A History Of Encased Meat ! Great Photos Coffee!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Thanks, for the tour of Chicago,
The Art Institute...Artist Edvard Munch...He of "The Scream" fame.(Not the Slasher-Dasher flick with actress Drew Barrymore, even though I read that the mask that the killer wears is based on Munch's "The Scream.")
Nice vase by Paul Gaugain...
Nice Chair...
hmmm...Hot Dogs, coffee and chocolate.
Thank-you! for sharing, C.M., as usual....
DeeDee ;-D

Anonymous said...

The De Chirico's stand out in my memory of the A.I. And a Dali brought a tear to my eye. And Magritte's fireplace train there too?

After seeing the line at Dougs, I question Picasso's and your sanity!;)

Georg said...

Well made, Coffee. Very funny, too.
The name cut out was this senator with the Yougoslav name, right.

Don't go into any Munch exhibition. That chap was depressed and thus made paintings that drag you down on your knees in no time.

The French hot dog text has a gender mistake or written by someone who is either bisexual or no-sexual.

Good idea to make the photos in this way. Gives a good idea about everyday bistrot life.


Georg said...

Bonjour Coffee,

back again because I had a look at the video. Good idea, is a kind of counterpart to Café Bogota I made for you last year.

How do you call this coffee the lady is making and why did she throw the milk foam into the sink? If this coffee tastes as good as it looks, it should be wonderful.


Tess Kincaid said...

Love The Art Institue of Chicago! I am totally envious of your trip!!

Candie said...

Hello Mr!

Those are great pictures.
Art and hot dogs,lol.


Kurt said...

Love all the detail.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: Thanks. Can't remember that one by Larson, but he too sure was creative ; )

dakota: Yes, and still as of today we have not tried them.....

megan: Don't know about Pinks. What kind of place is it?

joanne: It's everywhere, isn't it.

subT: actually between 2 people, it wasn't bad, but you can only get one size on the fries ; (

rlb: He's a nice guy, and figures after standing in line, you may have an even bigger appetite. We usually don't eat like this, but it was fun ; )

tony" Sorry I didn't get a better shot of that wall.

dcd: Thanks for looking. Have you been to any of these?

hR9: Under normal circumstances, sanity would have prevailed, but since we haven't seen one another in many years, it was worth it ; ) Sorry you could not have been there. If you would have brought your ceegarbox, you might have made enough to purchase us all a meal ; )

georg: Hey, long time no see, hope all is well with you and yours! Yes, someone took Blogos name off ; ) It was funny to see. The munch exhibit was worth it, although too many people to look closely at all pictures. He indeed had some problems but looked like they progressed around 1896, poor guy. His art work that you never see is amazing though.
The drink being made was a soy latter with the latte art thrown in. She didn't like it since I was filming it and wanted to make another. ; ) I had a dble espresso, which is why I took the pictures. They were excellent drinks. There might have been some nasty bits of foam she threw away I believe, that layered on top after steaming.

willow: Don't know why, but Thanks 2 ya!

candi: It is a hoot, isn't it? !

kurt: It's not Portugal, but it'll do ; )

Squirrel said...

The Larson-- "Doug" was a guy hunched in a yard behind a picket fence like a dog. a sign was posted Beware of Doug.

Merle Sneed said...

I love Chicago.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great set of pictures....makes me want to take a trip to chicago....sooner vs later!!! have to check and see how long the becoming edvard munch exhibit is going to be at the art institute....

hot dougs.... hot diggity dog!

N said...

cool pics! thanks for showing me around Chicago :D enjoyed myself through your pics and experience.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: Ahhh, now I remember that one!

merle: )

kimy: Maybe during the week it's less crowded and you can get closer to the paintings. There were some that were fantastic, but couldn't get close enough. Well worth seeing.

n: Thanks for looking!

Brian Miller said...

great pics. cobra chair looks amazing!

Coffee Messiah said...

brian: There were so many concepts there, but the chair was very cool.

N said...

im taking notes :) planning on a US trip this summer. want to make sure I visit some of the places you have described in person. that would be so cool!

Coffee Messiah said...

n: I grew up and lived in and around SF too before coming out here. SF is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

If you make it to Chicago, let us know ; )