Saturday, May 23, 2009

and then.............

The best Tanzania coffee grows on the slopes
of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi, and on the
mounts Meru and Oldeani.

Among coffee lovers, this coffee tends to
have sharpness and acidity, associated
with Africa and Arabian coffees.

Medium to full bodied and
fairly rich in flavor.

As with Kenyan coffee, AA is the highest
grade from Tanzania, followed by A & B.

Thanks 2 Squirrel @ Nyak Daily Photo
for these 1st two pictures
captured in NY somewhere.

Thanks for your comments on the header.
If you look closely though, you will see he's
actually a tea taster (i fudged, but like T 2!)
and is actually a Lipton Tea taster from the 40s.

No, I don't like Lipton tea either,
seems I'm a tea snob as well as coffee ; )

Thanks 2 Bri @ A Dog Painting A Day
for sending this my way.
This one was taken
somewhere in Oregon.


P11 said...

have you tried Pericon ( Hypericum tomentosum L.)tea? i don't know if that exist in the USA but down here is a plant with healing (stomach) qualyties,like Manzanilla (chamomile).

P11 said...

Coffee Messiah said...

CafeP: Is is St. Johns Wort you're asking about?

Enemy of the Republic said...

Sorry I've been away--gosh, I like it here.

Anonymous said...

Hi C.M. I could do with-out the acidity in the coffee. As for tea, I drink the Lipton( cringing; don't yell at me! ). However, a friend of mine gave me some PG Tips from England. A bit mellower and not as acidic. Then again, I prefer it black, like my coffee.

Too, another great tune with EW&F! Enjoy the rest of the week-end :)

mum said...

My weekend started a few minutes ago - as in: sipping my (non)Lipton tea while listening to Earth Wind and Fire. (Don't worry subtorp 77, given a choice between some coffees and Lipton, I'd choose Lipton for sure).

That Tanzanian coffee sure sounds nice though (lovely pics, too.)


ArtSparker said...

The coffee cup on the red background is spectacular.

I'm having a D'Oh moment here - I have some old Life magazines with coffee ads. I can send you j-pegs or the flesh and blood pages, whichever you'd like. Let me know.

ArtSparker said...

Re the last photo: BAD coffee (poor chocolate).

Coffee Messiah said...

enemy: Hey, nice to see you're back ; )

subT: Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything's wrong with whatever people like to eat, drink, etc. I've just found my tastes run more on the European side when it comes to good food and drink ; )

mum: Thanks for stopping by! As above, Lipton is good, if ya like it ; )

artSpark: I wouldn't call chocolate out of a machine, chocolate at all, nor coffee ; )

em UR address and I'll send something your way in a week or so.

Anonymous said...

C.M., no worries. I'm from the former West Germany and kinda got round to various places on the Continent. Simply marvelous food and drink( if you like pilsner beer )and the wines...I do miss those.

Dogs by Bri said...

Hi CM,

Glad you liked the photo. The Nyack blog brought back memories of my time in NYC.

On Wednesdays the NY Cycle Club lead group rides from the city to Nyack, and we'd stop for lunch at the Runsible Spoon. We'd go almost every week. It was a great little 70 miles trip. Of course we'd have coffee too.


Squirrel said...

i been away and now i back. :)

Coffee Messiah said...

bri: Thanks, it's always fun looking at all the old coffee contraptions. Squirrel has mentioned the Runcible Spoon often ; )

Squirrel: Welcome back and Thanks for the photos ; )