Thursday, May 07, 2009

miami indians and some cemeteries

Thanks to hR9 for the music in the video.

In the beginning of the video, I went back to
White's Institute, where I did some
research about 5 yrs ago. At that time,
I was trying to follow a trail of information
about an Indian boarding school that was
there in the 1800s. The grounds you see
held more grave stones engraved with their
native names. I show you the only one left.

The last 2 are Miami Indian cemeteries.

The very last cemetery is the largest
remaining Miami Indian cemetery.
Not very many headstones left, thanks
to those who felt a need to dishonor
the past residents of the tribe in this area.

The schoolhouse you see in the next to
last scene was located at a farm about
a mile away. When we moved here
we met the lady who eventually raised
money to get it moved to where it was
originally. Inside is still the old chalk board
with printing still on it, or at least it was
when we saw it last.

The very last shot in the distance beyond
the trees, is where the battle of 1812
took place. Every year in October a
re-enactment of the war is held.

I'm still learning what this small
camera can do and apologize for
anything that is out of focus.


Dakota Bear said...

Nice post! I like any and everything involving the Native Americans.

R.L. Bourges said...

Interesting history, cm. Loved the naming of the ceremony at the schoolhouse as the 'Returning of the Spirit'.

Couldn't help noticing the many markers with the old French name Godfroy (which is from the Germanic for 'God' and 'fried' meaning peace). This struck me, since in similar circumstances to these, many children in Qu├ębec were renamed with Christian names and surnames - the most popular of those surnames being 'Paradis' (...paradise). Crazy business, yes?

Loved the music, btw. Looking forward to specimens of your altered art.

Cheers, cm.

Anonymous said...

please excuse my ignorance, as an aussie, we barely get our own country's history let alone nay one elses..but.. are yu saying that

1. The area kniwn as Miami is named after the indigenous inhabitants of the area?

2. Uhm.. I forgot..

no, it's just that I am so interested in how the indigenous have fared over the last 250 years all over the world...

Coffee Messiah said...

dakota: It's an interesting history, and one whos people were sadly squashed by foreigners taking over a land not theirs. Sounds familiar, doesn't it.

rlb: Thanks. When we moved here, and realized that 2 tribes were all over Indiana, Michigan etc, it's amazing they've mostly disappeared into the woodwork. Foreign invaders aren't all they're made out to be, but maybe they are?

g & d: Nothing to do with Miami, Fl. Here's a short link that may explain it better:

Thanks 4 asking though ; )

Kurt said...

Cool video and quote.

Mark said...

Thanks for the video tour!!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, your video came out cool! The other Miami. I had no idea. I'm just home from the cemetery myself. They sure are lush back there. Ours is pretty green, but as you know some of the surrounding goldrush area graveyards can be infernally dry and forlorn. Which I love, by the way! Thanks for the inclusion!

Brian Miller said...

ahh the stories held in the land and graves...nice vid.

Anonymous said...

C.M. great post! And 'twas a wise Morning Dove that spoke those words above. 'Tis a shame some have the need to desecrate the dead, on purpose. And I'm still looking into my Indian heitage; not much luck, so far...

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
What a very interesting post...Thanks, for sharing the
information about the Miami Indian
cemetaries and the music by hR9

DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

kurt: )

mark: Thanks for taking a look.

hR9: Hey, I told you, it morphed into this. I have some footage for another video later. Just need to choose some music. Will let you know in a month or so when I put it up.

brian: Thanks for watching.

subT: Thanks for watching. I don't know, cemetery vandalism seems so, backwards ; (

dcd: Hope all is well and thanks for watching!

Spadoman said...

This was a good idea for me to stop off here this morning. Just wanted to see what you've been up to. Great post and tour. We're getting ready to do our 4th Annual Crow Creek motorcycle ride in a month. Going to a planning meeting today in fact. Sad part of all of it is that the boarding schools and relocation and division of families is still happening to our First Nations people. Battles in courtrooms all over the USA.
Rarely hear about a problem like Black Mesa or San Francisco Peaks in the news as it is more important (to sell the product) to tell us about Paris Hilton or the Runaway bride.

Peace. Good job. I wonder if my camera works? I just mounted a pod on my motorcycle. I'll have to get my arse in gear!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

very moving post...the video and music is great (I thought the quality was great of the video and with some play of light was very other worldly)...I'd like to take a field trip to visit these sacred grounds.

thank you.

Whoistin-tinandsnowy? said...

Hi! C.M.,
I'am just dropping by again! to
wish all the Grandmothers, mothers, sisters and friends in your life a very Happy Mother's Day! tomorrow.
Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

ratatouille's archives said...

Oops!...I forgot to mention..."wonderful" aunts...who(m)are sometimes "surrogate" mothers.
DeeDee ;-D

Megan said...

Fascinating. Thanks, CM.

Dot-Com said...

Interesting about the Native Americans. Was strangely drawn to your blog today because of the coffee bit in the name. I so long for a proper cup, and there's only some decaf stuff left in the hotel room. Ahhhh!

tony said...

Great looks well+truely Focussed to Me!Great Toon.Very Interesting.Thank You Sir.

Coffee Messiah said...

spado: Thanks and I know you look forward to the ride every year. Be safe & Cheers to you and yours!

kimy: There's so much Native American history in this state, it's amazing how many people living here don't know any of it ; (

dcd: Thanks and hope your family is well also.

megan: Thanks.

d-c: You need to start bringing your own when you travel.

tony: Hey, Thanks for taking the time to watch it!

Squirrel said...

Nice post indeed.
Cemetery posts ~ you and Merle-- I think I'll do one tomorrow.

Coffee Messiah said...

squirrel: Thanks for taking a look.