Thursday, May 28, 2009

know the artists ????

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Art is contemplation

It is the pleasure of the mind

which searches into nature

and which there divines the spirit

of which Nature herself is animated.


Two paintings by

two different artists,

do you know

who they are?

Woman At The Window - Dali

Family Of Saltimbanques - Picasso

I woke up pretty early yesterday morning,
made an espresso and put these two pictures
and the clip art man together.


mum said...

The one in the background is Picasso, but I don't know who painted the figure in the foreground. As the for the collage, it's pure, 100% Coffee Messiah. (Love the line in the song about the 'Dalai of latte' and ' Life is short, stay awake before it disappears'.)

Thanks. Have a great day, cm.

Candie said...

Dali my love!Dali!!

Anonymous said...

Damn. You have an awesome photo editing program. I am jealous. :) (and clueless)

Colette Amelia said...

your artwork never fails to intrigue me. Your quotes never fail to inspire me. You bits of knowledge never fail to interest and educate me.

thanks so much keep up the great work!

tony said...

"......................My old man said, "Follow the van, don't dilly Dali on the way!"
Off went the cart with the home packed in it,
I walked behind with me old cock linnet.
But I dillied and Dali'd, Dali'd and dillied,
Lost the van and don't know where to roam.
You can't trust the specials like the old-time coppers
When you can't find your way home..............................,

Megan said...

Wow cool. Interesting that I had this playing in the background when I opened this post:

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Two wonderful paintings by two very interesting artists...Pablo Picassoand C.M., but of course!
Thanks, for sharing the quotes,
music and paintings.
DeeDee ;-D

C.M., A little background on the...
Painting Titled: Family of Saltimbanques 1905
212.8 x 229.6cm
Pablo Picasso: Early/Blue Period

About the Family of Saltimbanques Painting:
Picasso painted the circus on many occasions around the time this painting was completed. The artist was inspired by his visits to the Cirque M├ędrano in Montmartre. Pablo Picasso used the circus performers to refer to the artist's alienation and outsider image, particularly the image of a modern artist breaking new ground.

Coffee Messiah said...

mum: Yes, the Picasso is indeed Family of Saltimbanques and the Dali is The Woman At The Window. A seemingly unusual Dali to be sure. And Thanks for listening 2 the song. I'm not sure a coffee snob would drink a white mocha, but the rest of the song is pretty good ; )

candie: It does not surprise me you knew Dali, or any other artist for that matter ; )

emerging: I have CS2 which has Photoshop, that's all. Thanks for stopping by!

colette: Yikes, you're too kind. I'm really not that creative or smart ; (

tony: Thanks, that was an interesting link!

megan: Thanks, I'll check it out.

dcd: Thanks, that's why I used both paintings. No need to say what I was thinking, except that I woke up around 3am, couldn't get back to sleep, put the computer on, had my espresso, and this is what I cam up with ; )

Anonymous said...

I could get lost in Dali and never return.

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
I must admit that I'am not familiar with Dali's painting Woman At The Window...
Thanks, C.M., for the introduction, but I'am very much familiar with his surreal painting. The-persistance-of-memory.

I also like Dali's painting Woman At The Window...with your graphic added too!
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Squirrel said...

I have a soft spot for saltimbanque families.
great idea to blend these two.

lettuce said...


I'd not seen this Dali before, its great

Coffee Messiah said...

hR9: I know what you mean. It was funny, yesterday a co-worker mentioned she had visited his home in Spain while an exchange student, and how strange his house was. I wonder if we'd think the same?

dcd: I'm sure most artists try many alternatives, without staying stuck in the medium that feels comfortable. Er, except maybe people like Peter Max ; (

squirrel: After sitting with Harold for many hours and listening to his stories growing up in the circus out here, I concur. There's something to be said for outsiders ; )

lettuce: Thanks for stopping by!

robin andrea said...

I love this, coffee. It's really so good. I recognized the Picasso, but not the Dali. Wonderfully done.

Anil P said...

I thought the woman at the window must be Dali, wasn't so sure of the other one. So Picasso it is.

Loved the song.

Coffee Messiah said...

robin: Thanks and hope all is well with you and Roger and your quest ; )

Anil p: Nice to see you and Thanks for taking a look/listen. ; )

ArtSparker said...

The Dali Painting almost certainly based on a painting by the German Romantic Caspar David Friedrich, which has the same title.

Coffee Messiah said...

artSpark: I believe you're right. Thanks for the link and chance to see the painting. I'm looking into others to mix and match.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

terrific fusion!!!!

a very unique dali... new to me too!

N said...

LOVE the paintings! did not know the artists but reading the comments about the paintings has been very interesting.

am back, hope ur doing good :) gots loads to catch up on ur blog.

P11 said...

You make great illustrations with your resources. :)

Coffee Messiah said...

mouse: Thanks for stopping by and hope UR better.

n: Thanks, will have to come by.

cafeP: Hey, Thanks 4 that!