Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers day pop

What was silent in the father

speaks in the son,

and often I found in the son,

the unveiled secret of the father.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I used to ponder what it would have been like,
to grow up differently than I did. What would I
have turned out like, what would I be doing.

But then, reality creeps in, and I am, simply,
the product of my upbringing and surroundings.

Looking back, there have been little things,
that certainly brought my Dad and I together,
that we never talked about.

Once, while young, my Grandfather was in
the hospital after having another one of his
many heart attacks. He was in a room
with Charlie Krueger of the SF 49er
football team. He offered my Dad 2 tickets
to the 49ers playing the LA Rams, and he
and I flew to Los Angeles to watch the game.

We went to museums, we camped and
traveled places whenever he had a chance.

I'm thinking because of all this, without
trying to find reasons, is part of why I
am who I am today.

This is my son through the years and honestly,
I still can't believe I've been a father.

Our lives were different than mine growing
up and I too hope that I gave enough to him,
that he will make the best of his life that he can.

Although thousands of miles away from
my family, inside we are close.

Happy Fathers Day Pop!


Anonymous said...

C.M., I've often wondered the same thing. What if I had never joined the service and gone off to college, instead? I hold none of my father's secrets( 'course, he was pretty much open about most stuff ), so Nietzsche wasn't too far off on that, wot?

And yes, we are all a product of our upbringing. I've no regrets there. But we can alter our course, if we choose to do so, yes?

I like the story of the game tickets. Nice memory of a great time. Never did anything like that but did go fishin' to-gether, often. Still it was time spent with just the two of us.

I hope your Dad reads this tribute of sorts. I think he'd like it( but that's just a feeling, wot? ) Take care and God bless. ANd HAppy Father's Day!

Whoistin-tinandsnowy? said...

Happy Father's Day! C.M. and Subby77,
What a nice memory to share with your readers, about your Dad and the mentioning of your own son.
Nice sounds and a Nice quote, by Friedrich Nietzsche, too!

By the way, what a very nice comment by Subby77,
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Candie said...

This was just so beautiful!Happy father's day Mr!

mum said...

best to you and your folks, cm.

ArtSparker said...

Coongratulations to the three of you...Hope you get a chance to connect today.

robin andrea said...

A lovely Father's Day tribute, cm.

Celeste Maia said...

You have good memories of the times you spent together with your father while growinng up. Your son has his own set of memories of growing up with you. Thats what parents do, no?, passing on good memories to the children. Except that many times what parents remember as good times, the children remember as terrible times...or vice versa...
Happy Father's Day to you!

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

I think that you are fortunate to have as many pleasant memories as you do about your dad.

I wouldn't sweat the way you brought your son up. If you did the best you could then that's all that you could do.

Have a good one.

California Girl said...

so heartfelt and a lovely quote from Nietzsche whom I always think of as dark and deep. we are who we are and, you are correct, we are all products of our upbringing. our parents influence our lives for ever and ever. no matter how we try to escape. nice song by Burl Ives. haven't heard that since childhood.

EM said...

loved it! your work never seems to disappoint me. For some ppl, this day is more for memories. I didn't grow up with my father. When I moved to the States, he stayed in the Dominican Republic and has a new family there. Yet, I was lucky to have other father figures in my life, even though they were not my own.

happy father's day Coffee Messiah.

JGH said...

A belated Happy Father's Day to you - enjoyed reading about your dad and memories of special times together.

Merle Sneed said...

Nice thoughts, CM. We do our best and hope for the best.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great post!!!

thanks for sharing bits of 4 generations of the c.m family with us all.

this post shows that where love prevails families can remain close in spite of silence and miles.

happy belated father's day. back to look at the family pics a bit more!!!

hugs - i owe you an email!!! I've just been so dang distracted and busy! ah, summertime.....

Coffee Messiah said...

subT:It's better to remember the small things, to be sure ; )

dcd: Thanks for your comment.

candie: Thanks on both counts.

mum: Thanks.

artS: Thanks goodness for the internets and email, oh and the google.

robin; Thank You. And was sorry to hear about your friend.

celeste: Thanks.

simstone: I meant to convey the same to you, sorry. I'm afraid the scales tip further in other directions, but there was some good, to be sure.

cg: Not to mention our environment, books we read, etc, etc ; )

em: Thanks for popping in. It's been quite awhile and looks like your link has disappeared.

jgh: Hey, Thanks much!

merle: Ain't it the truth.

kimy: Thanks, but don't rush it, it's really only 3 ; )

P11 said...


Anonymous said...

im sure your son feels as lucky to have u as u do for ur dad. im sure he values his upbringing as much as u do yours :)
ur dad sounds like a great father and ive a feeling u probably followed his footsteps on that one!

Coffee Messiah said...

cafeP; )

limen: No matter, as long as he is a good, positive person. About all I could ask 4 really ; )

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

Been awhile since I've visited to catchup with you, Coffee Messiah, but I'm going to try tonight/early this morning(it's about 2:00 A.M., Monday, here in Atlanta, Georgia).
What a lovely Fathers' Day message you posted!