Sunday, July 12, 2009

coffee and a pow wow

Toddy Cold Coffee Brewer

Another new product for brewing ice coffee.
Looks similar to the aero press, but isn't.
Looks worthy. Click link to check out the stats.

L found this for me a few years back

click photo to enlarge

I never get tired of looking at this map in wonder,
at all the different tribes that were here, long
before the europeans came ashore.

A kind person sent this along to me awhile back.

I am going to venture that the man who sat on
the ground in his tipi meditating on life and it's
meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures,
and acknowledging unity with the universe of
things was infusing into his being the true
essence of civilization.

Luther Standing Bear
Oglala Sioux Chief

This time of year the native american
pow wow season arrives, and I'm hoping
to make one a few counties away from here
in the heat of August.

Mihsihkinaahkwa Pow Wow

The following song is from a cassette that came out
in the early '60s, by a Mescalero Apache named
A. Paul Ortega. It was called Two Worlds.
It was very hard to find and was produced by
Canyon Records. Not a whole lot of information
can be found on him, although he is a medicine man
and works within the native american community.

It can now be found on CD:

Two Worlds /Three Worlds:

What Is An Indian


ArtSparker said...

Thanks CM, I will send a friend here. What is the device in the first photo?

Tess Kincaid said...

Do you have Native American blood? My gg grandmother was full blood Cherokee.

California Girl said...

wonderful photos. too bad I could not get the map to enlarge so I could read it.

Merle Sneed said...

In addition to Apache, our area is home to Tohono O'Odham, Pima, and Yaqui peoples.

Coffee Messiah said...

artspark: It too was an early recording device.

willow: As far as I know, our descendants are all from across europe.

cg: I do have a larger copy of the map. Will seek it out.

merle: Amazing how many tribes there were across this land.

Celeste Maia said...

Fascinating post, I especially enjoyed the old photographs. It is so sad to think of all the tribes that are no more. I went to Tierra del Fuego in January and there isn't one pure Indian descendant left. Such proud and amazing tribes, all gone, either killed by the Europeans or by diseases brought by them. At the beginning of the XX centuary there were still some left, but the missionaries locked them up in the missions, clothed them and taught these proud hunters to sew and make little handicraft. Just too sad!

Candie said...

coffee and a Pow Wow sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Celeste Maia - please don't forget that those tribes still exist. They may not live on their land anymore, but they are not gone.

R.L.Bourges said...

ice cold is the way to go today over here. Hope you get to go go to the pow wow, cm.

Cheers from Graulhet.

Reya Mellicker said...

We have a big ole pow wow here at the Museum of the American Indian too. The energy is always so clean, and nicely stirred, afterwards.

Love the map!

Anonymous said...

C.M., I'll have to check but we have afew pow-wows coming up around the same time. Haven't been in a while. And I have a map similar to yours. Picked it up in Oklahoma, in April. Also a couple of books for my research( currently on hold )

And interesting words spaketh Luther Standing Bear. I like :)

Coffee Messiah said...

celeste: That's one of the reasons religion hasn't taken a hole of me. It's done more damage than good and seems to twist other peoples lives into a pretzel ; (

anon: They have disappeared into the shadows.

rlb: We haven't been in a few years now and iced coffee is indeed good on hot days.

reya: I believe the one in Oklahoma is the big daddy of them all. That's the one I'd like to see one day.

subT: How interesting. What books are you holding?

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Wow!...I must own the "Toddy Cold Coffee Brewer.

L found a very nice photograph and so is the other photograph of the Native American and the phonograph?!?

The map is very interesting and so is the quote from Edward Abbey.

Now as I "depart" I will listen to the sounds on my way out of the "door."
Thanks, for sharing!
Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

dcd: Nice to see you and hope you are better.