Sunday, November 08, 2009

lives in the balance

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Flag background: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The creation

of a thousand forests,

is in one acorn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


An internal struggle here in the usa is going on
about how to fund health care, and how it will
bankrupt the economy. Where has everyone
been the last almost 9 years, with trillions
of dollars going to wars, with no way to fund
them having been made? Except that
future generations will be paying in the end.

While life and wages we once
knew are swiftly retreating backwards.


Tess Kincaid said...

I know. We are seriously out of balance.

Love the Emerson quote.

Coffee Messiah said...

willow: Amazing to me that not only is our economy a bust, but our streets and towns crumble around us, and all that gets bantered around in DC is nonsense ; (

California Girl said...

I'm watching Face the Nation right now as they interview Lindsey Graham, always a jerk, who is downplaying the passage of health care in the House as it still has to pass the Senate and Joe Lieberman, another jerkoff, says he'll filibuster.

tony said...

points well Made's The same Here in the UK but at least we do have the dear old National Health Service to soothe our fevered brows

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Once again, Thanks, for the
powerful(political) message, sounds, and
two very interesting quotes
by Ralph Waldo Emerson and
Thomas Merton.
I also like the graphic by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

DeeDee ;-D

Colette Amelia said...

AWesome that you are on your way!

Hopefully this will be a way of healing not only the sick but the economy, environment and relations with the rest of the World.

Or am I just hallucinating because I might have a fever and not know it?

layers said...

right on! don't get me started--- I'll end up leaving a really long comment--anger, frustration and an amazing amount of "I don't get it" -- who do the republicans hate more?
Obama? or America?

Coffee Messiah said...

cg: It'll be a bumpy road, to be sure.

tony:Money for wars and mass killing, but nothing to keep society healthy and vibrant = amazing ; (

dd: LF painted it during the 1st bush gulf war and a poem to go with it.

colette: Gotta be a fever ; )

layers: No matter what is said or done, both sides are equally at fault for breaking the unions (reagan) sending jobs out of the country (clinton) and wars without a way to pay for them (GWB). I'm with you though, don't get me started.

Candie said...

Perfectly said!Perfect truth and wait I heard from my doctor today that in France they want to cut the numbers of doctors by half in few years time.Well no teachers,no doctors..and I think they won't be happy until we are all dead and that they replace us with machines that just work and don't think,don't feel anymore.And I like to say a bad word but I am not on my blog, nice one!;)

Tom said...

here i am at the library, because i can't access your site at is hard for me to know what the truth is, because every issue can be skewed in every possible way...but there must be a solution. If there are enough pennies for bombs and roads and tax credits and 100,000 dollar toilets, there must be some for teachers and health care.

...maybe not...maybe it's all gone.

David G said...

Ah, Coffee, I sense despair in the comments, something rather rare on your blog.

Don't let the bastards get you down! Try the red wine trick that Omar perfected. Works for me!

The Texas massacre raises some interesting issues. I'm scared to go to the doctors now.

Keep smiling, friend. It's our only salvation.

Coffee Messiah said...

candie:Hey, they're all bastards, looking out for themselves, and no conscience about leaving others behind. It's a sad world sometimes.

tom:Looking around from the 50s on, and having a previous life with insurance coverage and healthy wages, to now no insurance and wages lower than I've ever made before, money is squandered, on those tools you mentioned, and teachers and others who really help society always seem to get so little of the pie. If those in DC, accepting coverage a majority of people can't get, but not wanting them to have, had to live like we all do, I'm sure things would change rather quickly. Somethings brewing, and it ain't coffee ; (

david: The spin just keeps swirling faster and faster. I hope you're doing better and nice to see you up and around! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

As an old boss of mine used to say, "It's a wonder your head doesn't fall off for shaking it."

Coffee Messiah said...

jm: Isn't that the truth ; (

Thanks for stopping by!