Wednesday, November 11, 2009

leaf book

All our words are

but crumbs

that fall down

from the feast

of the mind.

Kahlil Gibran


Umbrella Magnolia leaves,
part of a leaf book,
sent by a very dear
and close friend.

Amazing, they made it too,
all in one piece.

Thanks again
(you know who you are!)


ArtSparker said...

That is wicked cool.

robin andrea said...

That's so beautiful. I wish I had thought of it! Lovely.

layers said...

a LEAF book--- never seen this before--awesome-- and the quote is cool too.

Coffee Messiah said...

artS: I think so too.

robin: Seems that where you are now, you can do so many 'art-full" things ; )

layers: Thanks......

Tess Kincaid said...

So marvelously unique!

Candie said...

Really cool!:)

mouse (aka kimy) said... is spectacular!

and a poem by no other than john donne to boot!

Anonymous said...

I love this so much I can barely stand it. I think I might do my holiday cards on leaves this year...

Lisa Ursu said...

What treasure!
How lucky you are.
Beautiful words and images.
Thank you for sharing.

Coffee Messiah said...

willow: Creativity is everywhere.

candie: Thanks for stopping by.

kimy: )

emerging: They'll be a hit!

liza: Oh yes, lucky I am! Cheers!

Megan said...

Crikey! That's amazing! Cheers to good and dear friends!!!

RAY MAN said...

very cool...not to make it about me but...I have also been incorporating leaves and tree-bark and other found organics into my mail-art
co-inky-dinky...or zeitgeisty ?;>)
you decide

lettuce said...

oh this is wonderful
i've sent autumn leaves to a friend before now, through the post - but to turn them into a book


Tom said...

way cool...especially since very few bother to send mail anymore. Who can afford the stamps?

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
The Leaf book is very...beautiful
and the quote by Kahlil Gibran, is very
I also like your sounds and Thomas Merton, quote too!
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

megan: Indeed.

r-man: zeitgeisty ; )

lettuce: Maybe your daughter's done this already?

tom: Are U kidding? we've the cheapest mail rates anywhere in the world...........really!

dd: Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa Ursu said...

I noticed this while scanning the headlines just now, and I thought you would enjoy this,

Coffee Messiah said...

liza: Thanks....I'm aware, as this is her home:

Anonymous said...

gorgeous book, the impermanence of it..

Coffee Messiah said...

g&d: That's the beauty of it. Thanks 4 stopping by!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! thats a pretty awesome gift :) kinda took my breath away for a second there....

Coffee Messiah said...

l & l: Cheers!