Thursday, December 10, 2009

illustration challenge # 3

This is # 3 in ArtSparks
Illustration Challenge:

I believe she will link to anyone who
opts in, on the 10th of Dec.

click photo to enlarge

Have you seen the following before?
Between The Folds
There are also 3 clips on YouTube


Tom said...

awesome! suddenly they seem a bit more modern.

tony said...

They Have Seen The Future!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Inventive and interesting ,I love the effect done on the couple and the background, works really well together.

Anonymous said...

Shades of Well's "Things to Come" seem to conjure up...

lettuce said...

so clever and very evocative

(and also sepia on saturday!)

Coffee Messiah said...

tom: Thanks.

tony: )

tfi: Thanks 4 that.

subT: Thanks.

lettuce: Thank You.

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M.,
Oh! No, I have not seen that before, but I will check it out over there on youtube.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-O

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great on the challenge.

between the folds is a wonderful documentary, we had it at the 2009 cleveland international film festival.

the ciff is a great time to think of visiting cleveland 10 days of non stop movies. i'll be seeing lots of movies in 2010 at the ciff as i've been screening shorts since sept. a pass is the perk for hours and hours of viewing and reviewing!

a good documentary is a wonderful thing.

ArtSparker said...

Very witty and fresh.

Pix E. said...

Nice work! (running off to get an old photo of my grandparents...) You inspire me!

Coffee Messiah said...

dd: Thanks for taking a look.

kim: I think they're showing it on pbs, at least down in indy on the 10th.
You're lucky to take advantage of it (film fest), to be sure.

artS: Hey, Thanks.

squirrel: Hi ya, long time, no C.

P11 said...

How are you doing?

Coffee Messiah said...

cafeP: Hi ya......hanging in there.

Titus said...

Oo-er. They seem more foreboding in this than the original, as well as past/present. Weird and good.

Jonny Gray said...

This is really cool. I like the manipulation of the original photograph. Kinda get a Beatles vibe off of that. Very cool. You turned them into Mod ghosts. ;-)

Dominic Rivron said...

Really like it. I've said similar things on other bogs who've taken part, but I keep thinking how we never know what will become of photographs of ourselves (or tunes that we whistle, for that matter)! Eunice and her friend would be astonished if they could see what we've done, and how.

David G said...

Where do you find balance, order, rhythm and harmony in this crazy world, Coffee?

Do you have any pointers that might assist?

Take care.

Coffee Messiah said...

titus & bungy 32: Thanks and 4 stopping by!

dominic: That's a thought, isn't it. Need to ditch the old photos ; )
Thanks 4 stopping by!

david: Ahhh, you know I have no pointers. I'm doing the best I can, with what I was given at birth. Sometimes I wish I had done better ; (


Illuminated Manuscripts Workshop said...

Hi CM: thanks for stopping by -- and yes I agree with you, the state of mind people have at Christmas should be with us 365...

Thanks to for the info about Between the Folds -- AWESOME -- just in time to set my DVR to record PBS showing in my area Dec 27th.


Illuminated Manuscripts Workshop said...

BTW:did you see this video clip Video clips from Elbert Hubbard special on PBS:

Mary said...

Coffee! I have missed everyone in the blog-o-sphere. Really really hard semester with an intense sculpture teacher who really pushes us to learn. I plan to update on blog as soon as I can. Finals week so I'm especially spent.

I love the paper folding art. Saw a bit on TED last year as part of an assignment. Amazing stuff. Wish I had time to indulge.

Hope all is well!

Coffee Messiah said...

papergirl: Thanks and yes, I happened to catch the Hubbard program this week.

mary: Hey, Thanks for stopping by and glad to hear classes are still going strong! Hope all is well for you and the family!

Parisa said...

Absolutely great!!!