Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recently, aside from reading about outsider art,
I've read a little about William Morris, who
inspired Elbert Hubbard here in the usa.
It's fascinating to read how others don't
fit into a box, and search through their
lives to find something that inspires
them to go on, even without ever
making enough money,
to make ends meet,
but are truly happy
in what they
are doing.

I came across this and wondered,
if you look at the signature, top right,
if this was the Mail Art Ray Johnson?
Of course, it is. Why be surprised, that
he did other projects? Not sure, but
was surprised anyway.........

This is from New Directions NDP56,
which was printed in 1946 and added
to in 1957. This is a 23rd printing.

I found this recently, and hope it gives
some a sense of what's involved, and
who does all the hard work in getting
those beans from their country
to yours.

The singing is infectious.

Coffee in Yirgacheffe


tony said...

Singing & Drinking Coffee!Tis A Fine Idea........William Morris & Rimbaud Yes, they shared the same Spirit of the New.......although I'm not sure I would want to be stuck in a Lift (Elevator) With Mr.R too long......unless he had a big bottle of
Absinthe on him (Old Polish Saying ='Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder')

Dark Roasted D.C. said...

Love the video. It looks like a pleasant way to spend the day. However, I am guessing that, like any job, that would get old after awhile.

I have worked assembly line jobs before and they can become tedious.

Thanks for the post.

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

It's amazing what I have seen over the years of what people will do to remain self-employed. The apparent sacrifices to the outsiders, great and small, that they endure are just considered to be part and parcel of the journey for self-fulfillment.

It's hard to follow your passion if you allow society to brand you as a failure because of your lack of material and/or financial gain in their eyes. A definite lifetime struggle between the brain and heart if there are others that you are responsible for besides yourself.

Nice post.

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M.,
I'am not familiar with William Morris,or Elbert Hubbard,
but my mother recently,acquired a notebook written by a man name Elbert Hubbard.(I'am not sure if this is the same author?!?)

Nice...Mail Art by Ray Johnson, an interesting article and beautiful sounds.

Thanks, for usual.

Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

"It's fascinating to read how others don't fit into a box, and search through their lives to find something that inspires them to go on, even without ever making enough money, to make ends meet,
but are truly happy in what they
are doing."

C.M.,I most definitely, try to live my life outside of the box...Great quote!

DeeDee ;-D

tut-tut said...

Watch out for greedy art dealers, though, outsider artists! . . .

Hope all is well, coffee m.

Coffee Messiah said...

tony: ha, ha......although, Rimbaud isn't for everyone I guess.

dc: Thanks for stopping by! I was not intimating those poor women, making pennies a day, if that much were working a job of passion. I'm sure it's of necessity there. In general is the theme of being happy and working your passion ; ) A rarity for most and something we keep striving for here ; )

simstone: Labels by society are evil and no one should ever go that route, but that too will never cease, sadly. Some are fortunate and live modestly and are fine. I know what you mean though. Sad, isn't it?! Thanks for stopping by!

dd: Yes, EHs Notebook can be found everywhere. The Roycrofters and his art community sounded as if they were quite the place. A lot of history surrounds him, Dard Hunter and the rest of the gang! Cheers!

t & t: That's for sure. Hey, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Sam Juliano said...

William Morris as I recall was a British socialist, who was a good friend of the poet Dante Rossetti. In his later years he was a book designer of renown, and his art work for the collected works of Geoffrey Chaucer won wide acclaim. Of course it is absolutely afact that both Morris and Rimbaud share some similarities in outlook and appreciation. And this lovely video does bring in that communal idea again, and of course drinking coffee! Nice.

Coffee Messiah said...

sam: Why am I not surprised you know all this? I like this video, because it shows what many people in all these countries do, as part of the job of getting coffee beans to other parts of the World. I think many overlook how little they get paid for doing it.
Thanks for stopping by!

RAY MAN said...

Go Rimbaud and go Johnny go...
Rimbaldian punks of the '70s re-unite
--although Tony is correct when he says that many who idolize Arthur would be fleeing for an exit if they had ever met him.
The 1946 edition is a small hardbound with great cover design by Lustig who did a lot of New Directions covers of the period.
O seasons o chateaux
cheers Coffee man

Coffee Messiah said...

ray: Thanks for the Lustig. Interesting about the history of New Directions. I never knew about them until now. Cheers back!