Monday, December 28, 2009

Espresso cup

Latte/Cap cup (this coffee not from Monon)

We hadn't been to Indianapolis since

we had Dim Sum the previous Thanksgiving.
Sad for us, 'cause the place we like to go was
closed. Last time we were there, the
owners wife, mentioned since
a casino opened nearby, a good portion
of their patrons were going there.
Although we found that odd, there was
no sign on the door. Here's why below:

News Story

Then, we made our way to Broadripple,
to try Monon Coffee, which we hadn't gone
to since before we opened our coffee
busyness back in '99.
We asked for 2 dbl espresso con pannas.
When we saw the cup being used by the
gent in the T Shirt, we were a bit miffed.
We've never had a dbl espresso in a
latte/cap cup before ; (
The picture above is not from there,but
that was the size of the cup used for
our espresso's. Whipped cream was
added, but there was so much,
we could barely find the espresso.
We did catch a taste, and it was
good, although with that much whip,
and nasty looking whip presentation
on top of the espresso, it wasn't
the coffee experience we had hoped for,
or looked forward to.
Sorry guys. : (

You can see some of the place at
the beginning of the short video.

Yesterday, before we received snow
all day, we drove up to Pisgah Marsh
to take a little walk.

It's a peaceful area this time of year!


Sam Juliano said...

The cup of latte (or partial latte anyway) looks enticing, especially as I haven't yet had my morning cup of coffee yet. I'm probably going up to the Dunkin Donuts, though at times I am finding it too bitter, as I don'y use sugar, only several 'splendas.'

Lovely snow clip there of Indiana.

P11 said...

Sure the customers usually do not complain or do not realize.

Tess Kincaid said...

Always enjoy your Indiana clips. And I love how the girl is peeking out the window of the breast pocket of the coffee guy in your header!

Dot-Com said...

Mmmm the coffee looks tempting!

Coffee Messiah said...

sam: I always wonder about DD. Tried a Krispy Kreme in Chicago last year with a blogger pal. Coffee was better than expected, although still not what I like and the donuts, well, not sure if my taste buds have out grown them, or I need to get to NY where I hear there are a couple of good real donut shops.

cafeP: We thought maybe not too many people asked for espresso's or these were new guys. Either way, the presentation of the whipped cream, according to L, looked like "dog poop." And if you're wanting to enjoy a cup, looking at a sight like that isn't good ; (

willow: Hey, Thanks for noticing!

dotC: Yep, too bad it wasn't from there ; (

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Nice serene scene...
...To bad about your
coffee experience.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Anonymous said...

Hope you are staying warm with all that cream.

Coffee Messiah said...

dd: Oh well, those are the chances ya take. Cheers to you and your family!

grrl: Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

C.M., you're not missing anything from DD; at least from take-out. the Dark Roast is best if you do it yourself, tho'. And I did discover Melitta's Extra Dark Roast...nice and strong and a bit smokey :)

California Girl said...

am I crazy or did you write about Pisgah Marsh last year or earlier this year?

Albert Lázaro-Tinaut said...

You have a very good blog, with beautiful and interesting images: congratulations!
I wish you a happy 2010.
Best regards from Barcelona.

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: It seems more places are actually using a better coffee than earlier years. We know we are a bit snobbish, but do not think less of people who like coffee from other companies. We saw some Melitta dark at a store. Maybe we'll try that, maybe......

cg: What a memory. Yes, but earlier in the year, no snow ; )

albert: Thanks so much for stopping by and my best to you also!

Anonymous said...

C.M., I'm still looking for the Yuban Dark( wanted to give it a try )...

tony said...

May Your Wishes Come Expresso & Your Dreams Never Be Filtered.Drink from Only Good Cups in 2010.(god I,m so witty,I need a lay down...)