Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After 2 yrs on the job, I earned 2 weeks vacation.
Sadly, since a full time job here is now a 32 hr
week, I did not have enough hrs accumulated
to get my full 80 hrs, so I get 60 instead.
They made the change to 32 hrs early
last year, but did not downsize the hours
needed to compensate, so many people
lost a week or more of their vacation
time also. Guess I was lucky.

Isn't working in this economy fun?

Will be gone a few days.

Tea book and cards.

I heard about Treena Markland from

A-1 Mailart, who, many years ago,
I actually exchanged with at least
a couple of times.

Thanks Treena, and if you sneak
a peek, I will be sending something
in due course.

If you are in the Chicago area,
and ever get a chance, pay a visit
to picasso's place, you won't be
sorry, and he and darlene will
make you feel at home.

Sadly, L has already taken off, and I
will catch up, but not before checking
into Chicago, for a short visit with p & d,
and some local coffee places.

Will miss the above, but if you're
in town and want to get together
with some fun folks, check this
out this coming Fri, the 19th.

Maybe we'll come up with something
to show ya here on my return.

Cheers ya'll!


tut-tut said...

have a good visit, CM. On the flip side of employment, 20 years of self same has been and continues to be a challenge. I could go on.

ArtSparker said...

Hope you have a great time on your break, and no more snow than you want.

tony said...

Many Happy Returns! 'Fraid I Dont Get Twitter At All.Hey-Hoy.

ratatouille's archives said...

C.M.said,"Isn't working in this economy fun?"

Hi! C.M.,
I'am glad to see that you do have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek...when it come to the present day economy.

Nice Tea book and cards...Even though I'am not familiar with them Tea book and cards...
...Thanks, for all the additional info(rmation) and godspeed.

By the way, I like to Tweet...get the causes that I'am participating with out to a wider market.

Take care!
Hmm...my word verification...aintrust
DeeDee ;-D

Anonymous said...

Cheers to you as well, sir!

We are on what's considered "part-time, even at 35 hours!

California Girl said...

I hope you have good times on your vacation even if it is shorter than it should be. I want to say something appropriately obscene about your employers but there are so many doing this now it is rampant. They feel we should be grateful to be working at all and we buy into it. I am grateful but whatever happened to human kindness? Everyone's a Scrooge nowadays.

Megan said...

Have a lovely vacation, CM. I am looking forward to reading back over your posts that I have missed.

Stay warm!

layers said...

have a good break from work-- yes we really take care of our workers here in the U.S.
thanks for all the links and info on mail art-- glad to find out about more mail art blogs

Sam Juliano said...

Some coffee places?

Now what would spur you on to make such visits? Ha! Just kidding.

That Stamp Art Museum, particularly, is definitely a must on a visit to Chicago. And yes, do have a great time Michael!

Ah, the economy. It's seem the only stable institution these days is the movie industry, where is at least one place I engineer my own "spur."

Merle Sneed said...

The bosses have the upper hand for the moment. Have a good time away.

Tom said...

sounds pretty cool. Hope you have a great time.

when we got bought out a couple years ago i lost 2 weeks of vaca...

of course my co's been bought out 4 times over the last 15 years...i keep going backwards.

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for leaving your comments!

tom: I guess
the Earth
is tilting ; (