Sunday, March 14, 2010

coffee and tea

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Baffled by the continued lack of dialog
and agreement on anything positive for
the people who elected them in
Washington, DC.

Lion coffee card, drawn by Palmer Cox,
of Brownie renown.

When I saw this 2 page typed letter last week,
I must confess, I finally could accept that there
was a real Tea Party, and they did set out to do
what they did, and it made sense, unlike the
T party of today.
Long Live History!

Check this link out: HERE


California Girl said...

What an exciting piece of history to have! What really astonishes me is to read of a man 100 years old in 1841. Did you honestly question whether the tea party occurred or are you being sarcastic about today's tea parties? I'm kind of literal minded at times. Thanks for sharing, as always.

Sam Juliano said...

A lively post indeed, and a story to warm your heart there with William Kinneson, if not to confirm the historical event that you apparently wanted some authentic closure on. I think Michael was half-joking here though! Ha! Nice song too, an an ever-awareness of some washington failings.

As of late I have been floring coffee with chocolate-rasberry flavoring. The purists will have my head!!!

Megan said...

Coffee and tea, and my java and me...

Harnett-Hargrove said...

How nice to have a gem from our American history. I love the spirit of the Boston Tea Party. -j

Coffee Messiah said...

cg: The people using the label today, just don't have a clue. I was surprised to see this and was glad to have caught it as it was being scanned.

sam: Thanks. I can't remember the company, but at a coffee convention a few years ago, we tried their flavors and they were so good, if we still had a store, we would have used theirs. Torani has been our choice, but this other company puts them to shame.

megan ; )

hh: Yes, the original spirit was something indeed, but the people now, not so much ; (

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Nice piece of history
and sounds to share with your readers.
Thanks, for the links too!
DeeDee ;-D

LP said...

Stopped into see what was up after so long away.

Had no idea I have no clue! (Now that's funny.)


Coffee Messiah said...

dd: Thanks for stopping by.

lp: Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well your way!

Anonymous said...

Great find, the Kinneson letter. Makes me wonder, has nature given up on producing such valiant, hearty "stock"!? Damned impressive.

I always pay attention to your collages when I come here. You've achieved a real finesse with those things. Methinks you have a knack, sir!

Also, I wanna ask you about that enchanting image in your sidebar, just above the archive drop-down. Book open in the woods, foot bridge in the distance, atmosphere all around; it evokes the feeling of getting lost in a good book!
Anyhow, whence the image? I was wonderin'...

Patty said...

It's so great finding old things that tell a little more about our history, great post!

Coffee Messiah said...

patty: Thanks.

decker: Hello and Thanks, I appreciate the comments. BTW, the trailer picture also was done by my friend in Ca, Jane Brian. I have an altar she had painted also. She actually started out using dots in her pictures and ended up here after many years. Thanks for noticing and hope all is well your way!

Subby said...

Awesome find! Studying some of the art history, I have found quite a number of persons living to well beyond the century mark; considering the the diseases that were rampant back then...

Coffee Messiah said...

sub: Must have been the genes, eh?!

Subby said...

C.M., dunno know but the plague didn't help things much...for anyone, wot?

Cindy said...

This is interesting. I had to read it to my 6th graders-they used your post as a jumping off point for their daily writing.

Anonymous said...

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