Thursday, May 20, 2010

this 'n that

store, Dubuque, Iowa

groovy coffee, Dyersville, Iowa
home of the Field Of Dreams
which we heard is for sale.

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at the same time as picasso gaglione was in ny for his opening,
this was being shown
in asheville, nc.

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I recently received an envelope from
the above mentioned: diana marshall,
with an open call for entries for a
Fluxus Alphabet. I will be sending mine
after next weekend. Will look forward to
seeing/receiving the booklet.

Hope some of you send something
to be included. The address can be
seen above.

The following was taken last weekend.

Was looking forward to Albany Indian Mounds
in Illinois, but as luck would have it, massive
amounts of gnats were everywhere and cut
our outdoor activities short. You'll see some
of the mounds from the distance. We'll be going
back again to look around more.

Some facts:

This area has been inhabited for at
least 10,000 yrs.
Area is best known for the American Indians
who lived here and constructed the
mounds about 2,000 yrs ago.
The Hopewell culture.
96 mounds were built between
200 AD and 300 AD.
There are less than 50 remaining.


Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Hi! C.M.,
This is a very filled with very interesting information. (About a coffee house, Fluxus Alphabet,(?!?) and the Albany Indian (N.A.) Mounds.
Thanks, for sharing the video...too!
DeeDee ;-D

tony said...

looking Forward To More On The Albany Indian Mounds.They Sound Facinating.I Hope All Goes Well With You Mr Coffee?

Lori Saul said...

Great images from the midwest. It is a fascinating journey just within our own country to see the subtle (and not so) subtle differences that make us all unique. Happy travels and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Coffee Messiah said...

dd: Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

tony: Summer is just around the corner. Hope all is going well in Italy!

lori: Thanks for taking a look!

Subby said...

I'd like to visit these someday.

And yes, the "field" is for sale!

Cool painting ;)

California Girl said...

Hi you! the fluxus alphabet thingie sounds fun. You always create the coolest stuff. Will you post your entry? Of course you will.

So, the Field of Dreams home is for sale. Do they still have the baseball field and is it still an attraction? I would definitely go see it if I were in that area but it would not be a destination, as it were. How's the weather in Indy? Getting ready for the 500, I'm sure.

Sam Juliano said...

The video of the Hopewell Culture is heart-stopping, and again you've put together a fascinating post with the typically striking poster art. I hope you have more on this subject, as it has always had me riveted.

Hope all is well my friend; I've had to re-charge the last several days! Ha!

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: It's amazing and you'd hardly realize it was there. Hope you can make it out someday.

cg: Never realized it was there. We were told while there is all. Haven't paid attention to the I-500 since I was a kid ; (

sam: Thanks for stopping by. We hope to get back early summer. Glad to hear about the recharge.

layers said...

HOW TO DRAW A BUNNY-- I saw this at a very small - VERY small theatre in Seattle- if you can call it that- the pop corn was served in real bowls and there was one other person in the room-- but I will never forget seeing the doc about Ray Johnson- what an amazing life and death.

Coffee Messiah said...

layers: Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction, eh?!

Tom said...

love the hiking involved, but have always found mounds to be a fairly dissapointing sight...they are just these small hills, and they won't even let you run and play on them. pity. my but the frogs were doing their thing, eh?

Unknown said...

I like your message. I love drinking coffee and I love having tea with old and new friends. Thanks for your site and congrats on being a blog of note last year. Come see my pics at

Coffee Messiah said...

tom: Never expect to see anything, although they are peaceful places, and actually some mounds were made to look like animals.

levonne: Thanks for stopping by.

lettuce said...

what a great collection of oddness

i bizarrely like the headless dummies
and your video sounds full of insects - very verdant

Coffee Messiah said...

lettuce: Thanks for taking a look and listen.