Monday, May 31, 2010


artist used in background below:

Camille Pissarro - French Impressionist

Background for this, is a painting, by a famous artist.
Do you know the artist?


In Her Garden Of Yaddo

Hours fly
Flowers die.
New days,
New ways,
Pass by.
Love Stays

Time is
Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is Not.

Henry Van Dyke

The last stanza of this poem was used in the
song "Time" by "It's A Beautiful Day" 1969

more TIME @

The Three Muses


mouse (aka kimy) said...

the painting seems familiar and it evokes dutch artist. although henry van dyke was american, his name also evokes dutchness...could that be a hint?

wonderful wonderful poem and collage.

back to contemplating the background - happy holiday!

robin andrea said...

I don't know the artist, but that background looks very familiar to me. I agree with mouse, it looks dutch to me as well.

When I think of Time and music, I always think of The Chambers Brothers.

tony said...

I Have A Lot Of Time For Henry Van Dyke's Words........

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
C.M. said,"Background for this, is a painting, by a famous artist.
Do you know the artist?

Unfortunately, I'am not familiar with the background artist of this painting...Van Gogh
Thanks, for sharing the Henry Van Dyke piece too...and I plan to listen to the sounds, on my way off your blog.

Thanks, for sharing
DeeDee ;-D

Sam Juliano said...

Ceratinly that's a telling consideration of "time" in that Henry Van Dyke song lyric, and I enjoyed the song, but couldn't quite place it. Now you have be wracking my brain as to who the artist of the painting is! I'll have to think further.

Happy Memorial Day to you and your wife Michael. Hope you're taking in the gorgeous weather out there!

Sam Juliano said...

and the best to you always as well, Dee Dee on this lovely day.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

i like the way they are all un-relating to each other! -j

Coffee Messiah said...

kimy: No hint here and have in the past read a few HVD books and always enjoyed them.

Oh no, not Dutch!

robin: Of course the CB, but since most would choose that song, at least in our age group, I opted for HVD. I'm not sure IABD gave credit to HVD on that song.

tony: It's the only way to go. Congrats again on the Italy connection.

dd: Thanks for stopping by.

sam: Thanks. We had thunderstorms and torrential rain, not to mention heat all weekend. You may be surprised by the artist.

hh: I'm not surprised you picked up on that! Of course, it might as well be todays world, eh? !

indybev said...

This is an absolutely stunning piece! I do not know the artist of the background piece, but I certainly recognize the artistry of the collage! Applause from my corner!

Ozstuff said...

A remarkable, thoughtful collage that packs a real punch. Superb work! I love it.

Judy said...

Wow, stunning digital collage, sorry can't guess the artist!

Tom said...

whistler's mother? no idea...but the big head is frightening!

LynnF said...

What a great interpretation of the theme...can't place the artist, tho, but I know I like the whole piece! LynnF

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Such a beautiful presentation for this theme...Excellent!!

WildGoose said...

Like that ( familiar ) Aussie aboriginal man sort of frowning at the giant time piece in the sky's back-ground...not quite dream time
there!( Also glad to see Patrick McGoohan 's "Prisoner" here on your sidebar ), and some interesting links!

Sandy said...

Facinating collage.
Brilliant work. Love them.

Hermine said...

Its gorgeous

Rika said...

Fantastic piece, love it!

Jester said...

Fabulous piece and thanks for sharing the poem - how true! Will you let us know who the artist is (apart from you, of course!)

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wonderful card and great saying.

Taluula said...

OK, I say it is Henry Van Dyke, but I cheated and looked in your tags at the bottom of this brilliant piece. Or ....... is that a red herring you've thrown in to confuse? Mmmmmm!

Whoever the original artist, this digital interpretation on our theme is mind blowing and has certainly blown me away. Funny, quirky, excellent composition and thought provoking. I would say some applause are in order.

Saskia said...

What beautiful work. Wonderful collage.

Effie said...

Great digi collage!

Anonymous said...

fantastic interpretation

Betzie said...

Very nice!!! I love your quotes too...isn't it all so true??!

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for all your kind comments.

tom: That's an expressive face, one that's lived a hard life. He's actually an adobe builder, from Ecuador.

Anil P said...

Loved Henry Van Dyke's take on time. Time has made more philosophers of men than any other concept.

Liked the interpretation.

Coffee Messiah said...

anil p: HVD enjoyed nature and you could see it in all his writings.