Saturday, September 25, 2010

a book about death

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This is my submission to the

Ray Johnson: A Book About Death Exhibition

If you click on the above title , you will see
other submissions for the upcoming show.

The following was from a show last year
in New York:


Megan said...

I don't know if I want to visit that exhibition. Brrrrr!

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Wow! your submission to (Ray Johnson:A Book About Death Exhibition) is very interesting and Thanks, for sharing the link...I plan to listen to your sounds on my way out of your blog "door."
DeeDee ;-D

ratatouille's archives said...

I just noticed that you added last year exhibition video to your post...What a vary and wide representation of images of death.

I also thought the sounds that accompanied the images were interesting too!

Indian Bazaars said...

It was nice to see the large collection in the video...

William Evertson said...

Hi Michael; In tracking down that T shirt I noticed you were a fellow blogger and so I had to pop over fro a visit. Very nice site; I'll put in a link :-) Great collage for the Ray Johnson/ABAD!

John said...

Hope you don't mind if I ask a question. How do you decide what to include in your collage? I am always interested in the creative process and have discovered that there is not necessarily a mysteriously process. Many times it is a simple thought that is built on.

Fantastic work as usual and the 'you tube video' is as well. Thanks!

tony said...

Death is indeed International.It does not recognise National Boundaries! Nice Work.

Coffee Messiah said...

megan: Interesting and to each their own.

dd: Thanks for your feedback and for taking a look.

ib: Thanks and saw your bamboo video on your other blog and enjoyed it. Will leave a comment later in the week.

william: Thanks 2x and have also linked in kind. C U around and Thanks for the compliment.

john: I'm certainly not as prolific as I'd like, but am working up to it. Speaking for myself and I'm sure it's the same with your photography, an image hits you at the moment, and the rest follows, unwittingly. If I have to "try" it never works, always a disaster. Hope that helps and Thanks for the feedback!

tony: Thanks kindly!!!

karen said...

I found the video on A Book About Death exhibition very interesting. So many thoughts and feelings put to paper. I especially like the image "Death is just a 5 letter word". Your entry is interesting as well. I love your work. Although seeing your comment on how you allow your idea to come to you makes it not seem like a work at all....but rather a conscious stream of thought from somewhere unknown. And you are putting to paper what has been given you. A gift! It's what I like most about this style of art.
Thanks for the video. You were my window to the world today. :)

Coffee Messiah said...

maggie: Thanks for taking a look. Seems many here in the usa are still uncomfortable about talking about death, although we interact with it in one form or another, every day of our lives.

Not really sure about the whole creative aspect. Seems to be different for everyone, like most things in life.

Just Another Film Buff said...

Wow. Fine work, CM. Dark skies always put me into a sombre mood. This one sure does.


Coffee Messiah said...

jafb: Thanks and for stopping by.