Friday, November 05, 2010

growing with art

School book from the '50s
with my collage on top of it.

by Maud Ellsworth
Associate Professor of Art Education
University of Kansas 1950.


karen said...

At first I thought this was a book until I clicked on it and saw your signature on the side. But then it a real cover you did? caught my interest for sure....I'd read this book. When can I buy it?
Creating art has become a huge part of my daily life, and I find it's like a muscle I need to work out everyday....for improvement...pleasure and joy! I have discovered Scrapiteria and have thought of joining in on the fun. Someday....
Love the Gauguin simple...yet so profound.

Terrill Welch said...

Listen to the recording of "sure looks like it is going to rain" Was a wonderful adventure... something about the recorded voice without a visual that is appealing to me.

Sam Juliano said...

Ken Nordine sounds like Orson Welles.

Certainly the central concept is a sound one. There is much potential beauty around us, and one can only hope for the proper opportunities of self-expression. The book's contents make for a motivational starting kit.

Coffee Messiah said...

maggie: L found the book for me and I made the collage card I laid over the cover.
It's full of interesting ways to see art and life for kids of the 50s. I never saw any of these then though and it might have made a big difference earlier ; )
Hope to see you on scappy sometime.

terrill: Like you, growing up with radio, helped spur a creative mind, I am sure of it and I still gravitate to it ; )

sam: He's most excellent and has been around doing the same thing since the 50s.

Thanks for popping by.

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M.,
Being an artist, the words from the school book from the 50s ring so true...Unfortunately, I'am not familiar with Maud Ellsworth, but Thanks, for sharing the audio by Maud Ellsworth too!
DeeDee ;-D

Coffee Messiah said...

dd: Thanks -
audio is by Ken Nordine ; )

Just Another Film Buff said...

How true. It's would do much good if one could view life as a piece of art.

David G. said...

Most Americans must follow this Gauguin recommendation except that they don't see! They don't see what their country is doing, don't see what their leaders are doing, don't see what their corporations are doing, etc.

They are purely herd animals, each one following the others, all in step, all singing from the same song sheet.


Coffee Messiah said...

jafb: It is, it is.

david: As we've shared before, sheeple seem to rule in elections for some reason. Too bad you can't hear the audio in the latest post. It mocks what we continue to hear in a way that makes a sane person wonder how people buy it all in the first place.

Cynthia Monica said...

I grew up in the 50's / 60's and I would have loved to have seen this book then...felt like an outsider and wished for encouragement from somewhere, but never got it...

Coffee Messiah said...

otl: Oh yes, I can relate,
Big Time ; (
But here we are and we're moving onward and upward despite the past.
Always a plus!

California Girl said...

wonderful sentiments on the inside and a wonderful cover outside.

Coffee Messiah said...

cg: Thanks and hope to make the best of looking around more when the dead of winter hits.
Starting to get cold soon it appears.