Monday, July 04, 2011


This past Fri evening, there was a tornado warning in our
area, with high winds, we heard a loud noise - but could not
go out, due to the lightning etc - when we woke up Sun, this
is what we found - neighbors tree in our yard.
Our power from the house to the garage is down,
but now we remember the good old days of opening
your garage door by hand -



Subby said...

CM&L~Consider your-selves very, very lucky my friends! I've been through quite a few of these things and I'm more scared of them than a hurricane! The western part of our state got hammered with multiple twisters; we hadn't had any in over ten years. Hope all turns out for the best and God bless.

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks Sub - the worst was N and S of us, but we did receive the winds - nasty and scary stuff and much prefer earthquake country when it comes to these events -
Nasty weather everywhere and appears from here on in mother nature is going to keep letting us know we've f&^%ed up ; (
Cheers to you and your family -

Subby said...

I wrote a little story about that....sorta. Hesitant to post it tho'... :[

ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! C.M...
All I can say is..."Wow"
I'm so very sorry to read and see the aftermath after the storm in your area.

Here's wishing you the best and I'm glad to read that you, and your family are safe too!
Take care!
deedee :-(

Coffee Messiah said...

subT: Will look in -

dd: Thanks - nothing major happened, of which we are grateful = Cheers!

Miles said...


I'm glad the damage wasn't worse, and that no one in your household was hurt. Nasty things those tornados. Be safe, my friend.

Coffee Messiah said...

Miles - Thanks - and for stopping by = Cheers!

Anil P said...

While inconvenient and messy the cleaning up after the winds have had their way about must be cathartic in some ways - working with the earth, the trees and the like.

Coffee Messiah said...

Anil P: Thanks for stopping by - oh, in the end, the cost of rewiring from the house to the garage is an inconvenience, that being said, no big deal - the chances of tornadoes here are always on the mind - Cheers!

David G said...

Hey, Coffee, you trying to live dangerously or what?

Sorry I haven't been contributing to your blog for a while but things have been busy what with trying to save the world and all (he laughs rather hysterically and bangs his head against the wall several times).

I see your photographic projects are still progressing. They must bring you much joy.

I'm running out of steam a bit (growing older) but something keeps me going. Perhaps it's the thought of a nuclear holocaust! It does tend to focus the mind.

Take care, old friend. You haven't been forgotten.

Sam Juliano said...

The last few year have seen a spike in these kibnd of natural disasters, but of course one can do little more than privately lament until it literally arrives at your front steps. (or back yard as was the case here) In my section of the woods it's hurricanes we always need to be on guard for, but what you have here is even scarier. I am relieved all is well. You are missed my friend.

Coffee Messiah said...

david g - Oh yes, I hear you and apologize for the same - spending more time trying to be creative as the spinning out of control of the World continues on - Thanks for stopping by and will do the same = Cheers!

sam: Thanks Sam and seems the natural disasters are here to stay -
Hope to stop by Monday and miss reading your blog and reviews too = Cheers!