Sunday, August 07, 2011

coffee with a twist

Photos by Skybridge Studios - Lisa

Payne's - Gas City, Indy-anna
Stephen Payne, the owner has been
at this address since 2005 -

We actually came across it through
a Facebook search -

As it states on the back of the menu:
Our goal is to bring quality and pride
to our community -

Organic and local produce is used
when possible -

When Fall arrives, we will go back
and take some pictures of the
outside (too hot now) and
some of their food, and Stephen -
Partial drink list, using  custard which is
absolutely fabulous -
They bring the blended drink to you,
and pour the espresso for you -
This one is called Payne's Reaction -
This is some of Stephen Paynes roasted espresso
blend - he only roasts for the store and batches
2 pounds at a time -
We were hoping to catch him today
but missed him -
A few months ago, I submitted a collage for an
ABAD call in Phoenix, Arizona and through that
sharing the coffee mix, Patricia Sahertian
sent me this photo of some coffee grounds she read -
And I'm thinking, since this was on the other side,
that this is her reading -
The photo came in this envelope -
She's a wonderful artist who can do
many things -
This is her blog, and please say

hello if you stop by:

PS Studio

Hope you are all doing well = Cheers!


tut-tut said...

Frozen custard! hadn't thought about that in years. Stay cool, Michael; but you are always that!

Grammy said...

That is very creative. Yum. :)

Coffee Messiah said...

t & t: The frozen custard "thing" is all around us out here, and only tried it once years ago - this was interesting and since the espresso was smooth, it made it very nice -

grammy - It was, and is ; )

Tom said...

have not been to Gas City for many a year...hoping for a trip to southern parts in the fall, though...may have to stop in to see the old town

California Girl said...

Did you see the CBS Sunday Morning segment on Columbus, IN yesterday morning? Perhaps you've been there? It's an architectural paradise and I now want to go.

How are you? We're having a nice summer, hot, muggy but not as hot as IN.

Coffee Messiah said...

Tom: There's not much there, to be sure, but this is off the freeway and is worth a try - very nice people and the owner is pretty cool -

CG: Hello and no, did not see the program and barely remember when we went through the town after moving here years ago - there are some cool towns with great architecture though, although crumbling as we speak - It appears, for now, a cool down is in store, although there's still a chance of more - Hope ya'll are doing well also - Cheers!

Sam Juliano said...

It's an appealing confection, that's for sure Michael. I never really went much for espresso, but I know I'm in the minority there. And while some others are ordering 'iced coffee' I'm sticking with the traditional drink even in the summer! We are now experiencing steady rain for two days now in the NYC area, and it's promised to go another entire day. Two leaks have surfaced in our home now. Ugh!

Coffee Messiah said...

Sam - Espresso is still coffee, with less caffeine - although we have been staying away from milk now for over 2 yrs - we recently purchased some 1/2 & 1/2 to make a breve and, although not even a 1/2 cup of milk, a nice filling drink - and of course, coffee anytime and any way is always good - Sorry to hear about the leaks - we have one in our garage too ; (
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!