Sunday, October 02, 2011

To The Power Of N

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I was one of 10 people chosen to make a collage
with the same materials as 9 others, for an
online exhibition in Australia -

They are now all received and posted -

You can check them out




tut-tut said...

Hi CM! great (fyi: link didn't work for me; you may want to confirm)

California Girl said...

amazing how completely different each creation. I spent a bit of time looking at each. the one repeat image I found was the b/w roses but I'm sure there are more.

thx for posting. gives me a much better idea of what you strive for as an artist.

Coffee Messiah said...

T & T: Thanks - appears to be working fine -

CG: Honestly, I meant to tear up the background and actually finished it all at the last minute - had a hard time dealing with the items and finding what I wanted to use - but, something came out of it - Thank for looking = Cheers!

Cynthia Monica said...

What a cool idea! Congrats on being included....each work is so different, hard to believe each artist had the same materials to choose from.