Monday, March 19, 2012

old friends

The 2 cups and plate were brought back from Graden,
on a trip to Italy that he and Shirley were on -
click to enlarge

Sadly, we noticed last week another dear friend
from our coffeehouse days died -

The above photo card was taken by Graden years
ago and is a mainstay on our fridge -

Many memories of course in the 4 yrs of busy-ness -

In a nutshell, he always came into the store
with a smile, and although hesitant at first,
became a  daily reader of the New York Times -
which up until that point, had not entered the area.

He made us feel welcome and treated us like family -

The following link, for those of you looking in
for the first time, recaps our store:


Skybridge Studios said...

Graden was one of the good ones!
Thanks for uploading such a nice post, and it makes the Aspen winter photo even more cherished. I think we better frame it!

Coffee Messiah said...

I think you're right -
Think we still have the espresso cups he brought back from Italy too -

david g said...

As we age, death seems to intrude more and more into our lives.

Eventually we are forced to take notice, to accept death's inevitability.

Hopefully you are enjoying your moments in the sun, Coffee, and a glass or two of wine with friends.

Remember, we will not pass this way again.


Coffee Messiah said...

David - Hello to you and Thanks for the comment -
and of course, and believe me, once is more than enough = Cheers to you my friend!