Friday, May 11, 2012


Started by me, and finished by Zach Collins in Minnesota
Started by Zach Collins, finished by me -

Started by me, finished by Zach Collins

Started by Zach Collins and finished by me


tony said...

All Hail The Collaborators!Nice Work.

Coffee Messiah said...

Tony - Hi there and Thanks for taking a look and the comment - Hope all is well over there = Cheers!

Bobbie said...

You are just so dang great with your creations!!

Sam Juliano said...

A most worthy collaboration I'd say! Hope all is well my friend. The air condition has started up in these parts! Ha!

Coffee Messiah said...

Bobbie - Thanks so much for taking the time to take a look here -

Sam - Thanks much my friend and yes, been a strange weather year so far, to be sure - Will be posting some snail mail your way soon = Cheers!