Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whatzup in the garden of your mind ?

5 x 7 collage on archival davey board -

Had the 1940 stock transfer stamp and finally
found a use for it -

A current article you might be interested in reading:


Aisling Literary Services said...

This is wonderful. Mr Rogers is scary fun, eh? LOLOL

Coffee Messiah said...

CT: Hello and Thanks for stopping by - and the song seems to linger in a good way = Cheers!

Sparky said...

The video is an interesting juxtaposition from the Bud Light commercial reference in the title.

Thanks for posting. Loved it.

Coffee Messiah said...

Nick - Thanks for taking a look -
Yes, I had to share it with Ian -
Never would have thought to post it to you on FB -
Hope all is well down there and hope you're staying cool = Cheers!

Sparky said...

That's why I follow the blog too.

are there more blogs?

Coffee Messiah said...

Nick - Yikes = No - other than the mail art The World Is A Town -