Thursday, September 20, 2012



Sam Juliano said...

Michael, there is so much meaning in cultivation of course, and love your spirited collage of the concept. Hope all is well as we move into the autumn season my friend.

david g said...

This image suggests to me the indoctrination that resides in the minds of most people, indoctrination that blinds and deafens and stupefies.

We have to get rid of these gremlins!

P.S. Take care now, Coffee!

Coffee Messiah said...

Hello and sorry Gents, to overlook your comments -

Sam: Thanks and hope you are well and not flooded out -

David: One day, alas, doesn't appear to be in either one of our lifetimes ; (
Hope otherwise, that you are doing well and Thanks to you both for stopping by = Cheers!