Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 6 - # 38 Collaboration w/Paul Hawkins

Child-like steps pressing me on

through the glug of security queue,

side-winding back and forth around mechanicals,

x-ray microwave screenings,

the humdrum, bore-dumb,

laptop cases, liquids wrapped in socks,

favourite toys, things we keep close;

pacifiers, comforts, dummies; emotional gloves

that keep the marbles from falling out of our satchels.

Paul Hawkins


Sam Juliano said...

There are more than a few images and ideas that ring true here Michael, and thanks for another fruitful collaboration with Paul Hawkins!

Coffee Messiah said...

Thank You kindly Sam for stopping by, taking a look and for the comment. We appreciate it = Cheers!

Paul Hawkins said...

Thanks Sam!

Hope you check back on our collaboration... I am really enjoying working with Michael.

This weeks collage is stunning...